Apple iOS14 Update

12 Facebook iOS14 Updates to Make Now

Apple's iOS14 update is coming and there's nothing we can do about it! So instead of crying into yet another pornstar Martini, let's get ahead and prepare to take this new way of working by storm.

Apple iOS14 Update

All digital platforms and advertisers are going to be hit by the iOS14 update from a targeting, optimisation and measurement perspective. We'll take baby steps and today just focus on Facebook.

Here are 12 Facebook actions you can make now to get ahead before Apple make the iOS14 App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policy mandatory. We have broken this down into web-based and app-based actions.

Web-based actions are effectively if you run your business purely through a website and don't have an app which is hosted on Apple's App Store

Web-Based Businesses

  1. Verify your website domain - make sure you verify your website domain direct with Facebook through Facebook's Business Manager. The owner of the Business Manager needs to do this and it can't be done by a third party agency or freelancer
  2. Set up conversion events - you will need to set up eight conversion events to use for optimisation and measurement going forward. These events need to be set up in priority order. If you are an e-commerce client, we would recommend setting 'purchase' and 'initiate payment details' events as your top two events. You can change conversion events and the priority order at any time in Events Manager but these changes to can take up to 48 hours to show in results and some ads may be paused for 72 hours to allow the changes to take place
  3. Switch your attribution window - Due to the iOS14 update, Facebook will no longer be able to report on 28-day-click, 28-day-view, or a 7-day-view attribution window. on January 19 2021, Facebook rolled out 7-day-click and 1-day-view as the new default attribution window, however once iOS14 is live and the prompt in place, then the default attribution window will be 7-day-click
  4. Ad set level attribution - attribution will no longer be available at the account level and will instead all be measured at ad-set-level
  5. Expect a decrease in conversions - Facebook is predicting businesses to see a drop of 10% of conversions and reporting with the new attribution windows
  6. App-Based Businesses

  7. Update Facebook SDK code code - Make sure you have updated your Facebook SDK code to version 8.1
  8. Send Advertiser Tracking Enable (ATE) flag - you will need your app developer to set up and send the ATE flag to instruct Facebook to restrict data use on a pre-event basis
  9. Set up your app conversion schemaa - like with web-based businesses, set up 8 app conversion events within Events Manager and place them in priority order. You will also need to set a value for each event which is related to a purchase
  10. App ad account structure - businesses will now only be able to have one ad account per app and then nine campaigns running at one time with five ad sets per campaign with the same optimisation type for each campaign. You will see a notification of how long you have to wait for a new campaign to go live. You can create new campaigns in draft form but will not be able to publish campaigns until space becomes available
  11. iOS14 app optimisation - you will be able to set whether you want to optimise your app campaign for iOS14 users at the campaign level
    Facebook app install ads iOS14
  12. App selector - the app selector section will move to campaign level rather than at ad set
    Facebook app install ad campaigns
  13. Start using Facebook's new Resource Centre - Facebook has very kindly set up a Resource Centre which will act almost like your iOS14 to-do list and will detail what you need to work on next and guide you through the process - phew!

Facebook Resource Centre

Still can't get your head around how iOS14 is going to affect your business? Get in touch and we'll take you through it step-by step.

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