2020 Predictions

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year! The holidays are over and we’re feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work and bring you our 2020 predictions! Here’s what we think is going to be big this year…


Towards the end of last year there was a lot of talk about changes to the way Facebook allocates budget in Ads Manager. This year, Facebook will shift advertising campaigns over to Campaign Budget Optimisation (CBO) for all Ads Manager users.

The shift will be made compulsory after September 1st and will mean that Facebook will hold the budget at campaign level and optimise to the most effective ad sets and creatives.

Goals that are fairly low in the sales funnel tend to work best with campaign budget optimisation (CBO). If a campaign is set up properly and the bids are high enough, CBO can generally get better results and will also reduce how often your campaigns are put into ‘Learning Mode’.

As well as this, Facebook will also be introducing limits to how many ads an account can run at one time.

Read more here – https://bit.ly/2QtQ7w7


Twitter Exec, Dantley Davis revealed that in 2020, Twitter will strive to improve conversations and hinted that the platform will give you more control over your own content. The proposed new features are:

  • Remove me from this conversation
  • Don’t allow RT of this tweet
  • Don’t allow people to @mention me without my permission
  • Remove this @mention from this conversation
  • Tweet this only to: hashtag, interest or these friends

We’re keen to see what difference these changes will make to the platform and whether we’ll see a shift from a broadcast to a more niche conversational platform. 

Click here for more – https://bit.ly/2FpQhy5


This year we are expecting to see big changes in the way in which users and brands are posting on Instagram. Back in July, Instagram broke the news of its ‘like ban’ which we’re now seeing across the platform. The move was to aim to take pressure off of users and to shift the focus to creative rather than metrics.

Instagram has also rolled out a range of new features, collaborate and augmented reality options within Stories, which now have over 500 million daily users (Statista). We think that we’re going to see a shift away from the ‘polished feed’ and more, less produced, authentic content going out in Stories regularly.

Last year, Instagram released their in-app shopping feature ‘Checkout’ with 20 major brands. We think that we’ll be seeing a lot more brands making use of the in-app shopping features this year. With 83% of Instagram users saying they discover new products and services on Instagram (Facebook), bridging the gap between brands and shoppers seems like a no-brainer, and has already proven some success with 130 million users tapping on a shopping post every month (Hootsuite)!

Read more – https://bit.ly/36pw6fA


We’ve previously talked about Pinterest’s new shop functionality, and think that this will be big for the platform in 2020. The Platform is highly influential in its users’ buying habits, with 90% of weekly users using Pins to inform their purchase decisions (Pinterest).

Over time, we’ve seen Pinterest become more of a search platform, particularly for the home, beauty and fashion markets. 55% of Pinners are looking specifically for products, and the platform drives 33% more traffic to shopping sites than Facebook (Pinterest).

We think that more brands will be jumping on the Pinterest train and giving users the opportunity to buy direct.

Click here to read more – https://bit.ly/2Qqrosp


TikTok has made strides in its inclusion of branded ads within the platform, and we can only expect more. With such an engaged audience and so much to do within the platform, we think that we’ll start to see more and more brands joining in on the action.

We’re keen to see the options that TikTok will begin offering brands, whether we’ll see any new ad formats on offer in 2020. Here are the current formats available:

Click to read more – https://bit.ly/2ZWlUc6

Conversational Commerce

Chatbot intelligence will only continue to grow in 2020, which will likely see more consumers utilising the technology, and more brands following the trend, meaning that brands can offer customer service easily through messenger platforms.

Utilising chatbot technology, in combination with your live staff, is a powerful way to create round the clock coverage.

Click here for more – https://bit.ly/2uqqF25

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