Apple’s iOS14 Update in 13 Steps

If you thought GDPR was bad, then we have some bad news…Apple’s new iOS14 is bringing a whole host of even more data policy restrictions and minefields!

Fear not though, we have managed to condense all the Silicon Valley jargon into 13 (unlucky for some) easy bite-size chunks from the information that is currently available (we expect we will be updating this post daily, as and when things are updated and announced!)

Apple iOS14 update
Apple iOS14 Update

So here we go…

1. Essentially Apple will be introducing a new privacy function in the iOS14 update that means users must give permission for apps and websites to track them and/or access their Apple device advertising identifier (IDFA)

2. Apple have created the App Tracking Transparency framework and they are asking all apps to provide what data they collect. Essentially this will mean the first time an app is opened, a pop-up notification will appear (like a cookie banner) where the user will “Allow Tracking” (Opt-in) or choose “Ask the App Not to Track” (Opt-out)

Facebook's iOS14 Opt-in Opt-Out notification
Facebook’s Opt-in Opt-Out notification

3. This update will not affect Android users, only Apple users who are running the iOS14 operating system

4. Any app or website that doesn’t comply with the new privacy policy rules will be removed from the Apple App Store – no joke!

5. The update is likely to heavily impact digital marketing at the middle and bottom of the sales funnel. The data that Apple is willing to share with platforms such as Facebook and Google will become significantly restricted

6. Businesses need to seriously rethink their retargeting strategy to accommodate the new rules that will come into effect with iOS14

7. The wealth of data that is currently available through Facebook’s tracking pixel is likely to be severely impacted making tracking, targeting and optimising campaigns significantly harder

8. Cross-domain tracking is likely to become restricted meaning global businesses with a (dot)com (slash) region structure will be significantly impacted

9. Apple will be implementing Private Click Measurement (PCM) a tool to allow advertisers to track limited advertising events from opted-out iOS14 users

10. Attribution windows are likely to change. We expect the removal of the 28-day click attribution window and this is rumoured to be replaced by a 7-day-click attribution window (watch this space on this one)

11. Apple will release version two of the SKAdNetwork, which will impact how user data is passed back from apps to advertising platforms and is likely to be delayed by 24 – 48 hours

12. To put it into some context, Apple users in the UK account for 49.25% of devices and generally, around 88% of people accept cookie banners – so all may not be lost…

13. Apple keeps pushing back the launch of iOS14 but rumours are that it is due to launch in March 2021

It’s 2021 so it was never going to be an easy ride but this has definitely thrown the cat amongst the pigeons in terms of how we approach digital marketing campaigns. Things are continually changing and the Platform’s responses are also always updating, so we’ll be writing a series of blogs on the iOS14 update as and when things are announced – watch this space 👀

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