The Weekly (02/08 – 06/08)

In the week when we waved goodbye to Fleets, here’s everything else you need to know…

  • 49% of users will unfollow a brand due to poor customer service (Startup Bonsai)
  • YouTube is the most visited website in the world (Broadband Search)
  • There are six new Facebook profiles created every second (Personalization)

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp has added a new disappearing photo and video option.

The platform explained the addition, saying, “As with all the personal messages you send on WhatsApp, View Once media is protected by end-to-end encryption so WhatsApp cannot see them. They will also be clearly marked with a new “one-time” icon.”

The option has been in development for a while now and will be rolled out this week.

One key thing to note here is that unlike other platforms, such as Snapchat, users won’t be notified if their disappearing message has been screenshot or screen recorded.

An interesting addition and one that we’re not too sure of the benefit of apart from sharing private information, it’ll be interesting to see whether we start to see many users make use of disappearing messages.

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YouTube Ad Blocking

YouTube is testing a new lower-priced subscription plan which will give users ad-free viewing, YouTube music and background playback.

The plan costs €6.99 per month, compared to €11.99 for YouTube Premium,  and will be tested in Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg and Norway.

Within this, users will have access to an ad-free YouTube, YouTube Kids and YouTube Music.

We’re not too sure how this differs dramatically from the current YouTube premium offering and can’t see too many people rushing to pay for the subscription but it’s interesting to see where YouTube is going in regards to payment on the platform and an ad-free experience.

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Snapchat ‘My Places’

Snapchat has added a new business discovery feature within the app called ‘My Places’ which will highlight popular businesses and places you’ve previously visited.

Within My Places, users will now be able to locate a range of businesses on the map, with three different listing categories – places that are popular with your Snap friends, places you’ve liked, and places that you’ve previously visited. 

Snapchat explained the addition, saying, “With My Places, Snapchatters can discover more than 30 million businesses, log their favourite local spots, and even find personalized recommendations informed by their friends and the global Snapchat community. Now, a quick pan around Snapmap not only helps Snapchatters stay in touch with the people they care about and keep up with global events, but also offers even more ways to help friends connect IRL.”

Once you tap on a listing users will be able to access full info about that place. Businesses on the app will be updated automatically based on data from Map Box, but if your business isn’t there you can also add it within the ‘Suggest a Place Listing addition’ through the map settings.

A great addition from Snapchat here that will not only be great for businesses to increase exposure but also great for users when it comes to arranging get-togethers or finding new places to visit.

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Twitter Shopping

Twitter is testing a new shopping feature called ‘Shop Module’ which will allow users to view and shop for products within the Twitter app.

Within Shop Module, users will be able to access a new space where businesses can exhibit their products and users will be able to browse a carousel of products, learn more about the product or buy seamlessly.

This comes as part of Twitter’s wider efforts to encourage shopping on the platform.

Along with this, Twitter is also launching a new ‘Merchant Advisory Board’ which will “consist of brands that have established themselves as best-in-class examples of merchants on Twitter,” who will serve as advisors to help businesses of all shapes and sizes succeed on Twitter.

This is a great addition to the platform, which Twitter has definitely been missing out on that will provide both users and sellers with a range of opportunities.

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Looking for some Instagram inspiration?

Instagram is now highlighting top examples of both organic and promoted content within its professional dashboard. Now, when you tap through to the Professional Dashboard, you’ll be able to find a new ‘See How Other Businesses Connect with People’ guide within the ‘Stay Informed’ section, which once tapped, will give access to a range of examples of good brand posts and ads – great for when you’re looking for some creative inspiration!

With yet another year of cancelled graduations, we’re loving Edinburgh Napier University’s new ‘city takeover’ campaign.

The campaign aims to celebrate hundreds of students who have had to miss out on their graduation ceremonies and covers billboards, bus stops, taxis and trams with the names of those who have has to miss out on their ceremony. It might not quite make up for the missed ceremonies, but is definitely a step in the right direction and a great campaign!

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