The Weekly (04/05 – 07/05)

In the week when LinkedIn celebrated its 17th birthday 🎉, here’s everything else you need to know…

Top Social Stats:

  • 23% of Facebook users check the site FIVE TIMES or more per day (NeotericUK)
  • The average user has clicked on 12 ads in the last 30 days (Hootsuite)
  • 70 million blog posts are published on WordPress every month (BrandWatch)

This Week’s Innovations:

Facebook Blender

Facebook has now launched a chatbot called ‘Blender’, which claims to be the best in the world.

Facebook states that Blender can talk about anything engagingly and was trained on 1.5 billion Reddit conversations.

Facebook had performed a test in which 67% of people said that Blender sounded more like humans and tricked 49% into thinking that the conversation was more human that the chat between real people!

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WhatsApp New Group Chat Option

WhatsApp has now announced the launch of a new 8 person video chat option.

The platform explained, “The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that many of us are isolated from friends and family, and as a result, we’ve seen that people are turning to voice and video calling on WhatsApp more than ever before. Group calling has been particularly useful and our users have asked to connect with more people at once. Starting today, we’re doubling the number of participants you can have on a WhatsApp video or voice call from 4 to 8 people at a time.”

Like its messages, all WhatsApp video calls are protected with end-to-end encryption and will be available through Facebook Portal.

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Facebook ‘Hit Me Up’

It seems that Facebook is currently doing a lot to push its Stories element, with new animate options last week and this week a new ‘Hit Me Up’ sticker.

The new feature will allow users to message a story creator directly by tapping the sticker. The option will also be available on Instagram as a new ‘DM Me’ sticker.

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LinkedIn Video Intro

LinkedIn is testing a new video intro tool to help employers evaluate a candidate’s communication skills before their interview.

Video intros will let employers invite candidates to answer up to two questions from a list of options when their application for a job posting is received.

Blake Barnes, Product Management Executive at LinkedIn, said “This new feature creates an opportunity for candidates to showcase their skills, experience, and provide a more well-rounded human view of who they are. We want to help boost candidates’ confidence, rather than create added pressure, so we’ve made the feature optional and given candidates the ability to re-record their answers as often as they wish before submitting.”

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Spotify Video Podcasts

Spotify is now testing video podcasts within the app.

Spotify is starting a global test for including video within its app with YouTubers Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar and will allow creators to upload their recorded video footage to the app.

The videos will be attached to a podcast episode, however, there will be no indicator in the app to show which podcasts and episodes have a video attached so users will only know once they tap to play a podcast episode.

The video footage will play at the bottom of the screen and can be tapped to go full-screen. The videos will sync with the audio and continue playing when listeners lock their phone, during ad breaks the videos will show a static shot until the podcast is resumed. We think this is an interesting move from Spotify and with many podcasters posting video versions of their podcast episodes to YouTube, we will be keen to see if we start to see a shift towards more video content on Spotify.

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The Problem with TikTok Ads

TikTok has successfully claimed the top spot at the number one app in Google Play and the App Store throughout isolation with an estimated 100 million downloads between 20th March – 28th April. But with this popularity comes more demand from marketers in regards to buying ads on the platform.

TikTok has already made buying ads on the platform relatively easy with its self-serve ad-buying platform, similar to Facebook Ads Manager, with flexible daily budgets, targeting and controls all paid with by credit card. But with such varied content on the app, the ability to create content suited to the platform is proving difficult.

TikTok branded content can easily be made with TikTok-native freelancers for its monetisable options (display ads, sponsored challenges & brand profiles) as well as integrated ad editing software but the big question on everyone’s mind is will people still be interested once isolation is over?

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Campaign of The Week

We think that McCann’s eye-catching ‘Thank you Doctors’ campaign is absolutely brilliant and perfectly highlights the lifesaving work our doctors and nurses are doing to keep our country safe.

On the back of some of the viral images that were going around of doctors and nurses with eye-mask marks on their face due to being on the ward for so long, McCann has spun this into a positive by turning these into superhero masks – Great job!!

Stay safe and have a great bank holiday weekend!

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