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In the week when Kim Kardashian made it onto the Forbes billionaire list, here’s everything else you need to know…

  • 76% of people have acted on a brand message heard in a podcast (Acast)
  • Pinterest now has 459 million monthly active users (Hootsuite)
  • Four out of five LinkedIn users drive decisions at their company (LinkedIn)

Clubhouse Payments

Clubhouse has begun rolling out Payments, a new monetisation feature for creators on the platform.

The new feature allows users to send money to their favourite creators. Creators will receive 100% of the payment and the sender will receive a small card processing fee.

The feature will be tested amongst a select group of users initially before being rolled out in waves.

Clubhouse has commented on the addition, saying that it’s planning to roll out more new monetisation features in the future and is keen on growing the Clubhouse community – we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled!

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TikTok Video Editing

TikTok has launched a new online video editor for brands.

Within the new video editor, advertisers will be given access to a suite of TikTok-style editing features which then can use to create effective content with TikTok-style elements

The TikTok Video Editor can be found under the ‘Create a Video’ menu within the TikTok Ads Manager dashboard or from the Ad Creation menu when setting up a campaign.

Users can then create effective videos in four simple steps:

  1. Select videos from videos in your asset library
  2. Add a soundtrack
  3. Add text
  4. Add in your post-production effects

This is a great addition from TikTok and one we’re sure to see many businesses jump on when it comes to working up creative for TikTok campaigns.

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LinkedIn Audio Feature

LinkedIn is now (also) working on a new audio networking feature.

LinkedIn commented on the addition saying, “We’re doing some early tests to create a unique audio experience connected to your professional identity,” and “We’re looking at how we can bring audio to other parts of LinkedIn such as events and groups, to give our members even more ways to connect to their community,”.

The new feature is still in the early stages of development and will start beta testing soon.

It seems that every social platform is jumping on the audio trend at the moment but we think this could be key for LinkedIn and opens up many different opportunities for its users. 

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Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook is adding new dynamic ads for streaming.

The new format is designed to help video streaming brands showcase relevant titles to Facebook users to entice new sign-ups.

Facebook explained, “With Dynamic Ads for Streaming, when people see an ad for your service in their feed, they can swipe through the ad to see personalized, relevant titles they might be interested in, based on interests they’ve shown on Facebook and Instagram. Audiences can also follow your call to action to start a trial or subscribe.”

Brands will add the titles of the content available within the campaign set up, Facebook will then use the list as a prompt to target users who’ve shown an interesting in each and will showcase a range of relevant titles to each user.

“Once an advertiser uploads their content catalogue to Facebook, the dynamic ads deliver personalized recommendations, giving people a similar personalized experience they’re used to seeing from their streaming services.”

Although this is quite a niche addition, it’s interesting to see how Facebook is bringing on its dynamic ad creatives and we’re keen to see what new ad formats may be on the horizon.

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Reddit has launched a brilliant new resource platform to help businesses make the most of the channel.

The platform includes a range of helpful tools as well as a detailed overview of Reddit’s campaign tools, a monthly events calendar and key stats on platform usage – definitely one to take a look at!

This month Revolution Beauty has teamed up with TikTok to launch an international sixth-month beauty competition to find the best inspiring and creative beauty creators on the platform for a chance to win a $100,000 prize, create a product line with Revolution Beauty and join the TikTok Creator Marketplace.


SURPRISE! I’m judging the @makeuprevolution #CreatorRevolution competition to find the next beauty superstar! Join our first challenge ‘Glow Up’ #ad

♬ Creator Revolution – Makeup Revolution

The #CreatorRevolution challenge focuses on celebrating diversity, inclusivity and genderless beauty and aims to celebrate every definition of beauty and will be judged by beauty influencer Abby Roberts. This is definitely one brand that’s doing TikTok right!

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