The Weekly (06/04- 10/04)

Happy Easter!

In the week when we were all enjoying the sun in our gardens, here’s everything else you need to know this week…

Top Social Stats:

  • Video posts on Facebook get at least 59% more engagement than other post types (Social Pilot)
  • 39% of consumers only trust brands if they have interacted with them on social platforms (Influencer Marketing Hub)
  • The average engagement rate on TikTok is 29% (Mediakix)

This Week’s Innovations:

TikTok From YouTube

YouTube is currently working on a TikTok-like function called ‘Shorts’.

“Shorts will include a feed of brief videos posted by users inside the Google-owned app and will take advantage of the video service’s catalogue of licensed music; songs from which will be available to use as soundtracks for the videos created by users.”

Due to YouTube’s extensive music licensing and advanced monetisation options we’re expecting this to be a popular new feature for creators! YouTube is looking to launch this nearer the end of the year, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Facebook SMB Updates

Last month, Facebook announced its $100 million grants scheme, aimed at assisting small businesses, and is now rolling out new tools to help impacted SMBs connect with their customers through the platform.

The main addition is a new gift cards listing, where people will be able to find digital gift cards for their favourite local restaurants and businesses. Gift card registry will be available via special News Feed prompts and users will be able to access the listing via the function menu.

The option is currently being rolled out in the US and Instagram has also been spotted working on a similar feature last week.

Facebook is also adding a new option that enables business owners to create personal fundraisers on Facebook, as well as some new page options which will allow impacted businesses to list temporary changes to their operations.

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Snapchat Social Distancing Lenses

Snapchat has created a range of new lenses in collaboration with the World Health Organisation that give users tips on how to stay healthy.

The lenses encourage users to practice social distancing, with an AR circle on the ground that helps visualise the necessary space, as well as a range of animated reminders about hand washing, staying at home and the importance of not touching your face.

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WhatsApp Forwarding Limitations

WhatsApp is adding additional restrictions on how frequently a message can be shared on its platform. The move is to prevent the spread of misinformation.

From today, any message that has been forwarded five or more times will now face a new limit that will prevent a user from forwarding it to more than one person at a time.

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Facebook Tuned

Facebook has now released a new app called ‘Tuned’ designed to help couples communicate.

The app is essentially a messaging app which is more focused on pushing updates and stickers to a singular person. Users can integrate the app with Spotify to share songs, or use dedicated widgets to share how you’re feeling or what you’re doing.

The app has been described as being ‘scrapbook-style’.

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Campaign of the Week

This week KFC has given us all some light relief from the current situation by rating users’ homemade KFC, using the hashtag #RatemyKFC and the results are brilliant!

KFC is always ahead of the game when it comes to Twitter and that still seems to be the case, with many users jumping on the hashtag to share their creations!

Stay safe and have a happy Easter!

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