The Weekly (06/07 – 10/07)

In the week when Kanye West announced that he would be running for president and Twitter teased us all with a new edit function, here’s everything else you need to know…

Top Social Stats:

  • Only 1/3 of TikTok users are under 25 (Social Chain)
  • There are an average of 10 new social media users per second (Brand Watch)
  • Politics is the most-watched content on Facebook Stories (Statista)

This Week’s Innovations:

Instagram Shop Tab

Instagram has begun testing its new Shop tab.

The tab will now replace the heart (activity) icon in Instagram’s main navigation, with the activity tab now being accessible in the top right hand of your feed or through your profile.

The tab allows users to shop from brands and creators in a new tab in the navigation bar. Within the tab users will be able to filter products by categories.

Within Instagram Shop, users can filter brands they follow by category, including things like beauty, clothing, accessories, home, jewellery and travel.

Users will be able to checkout either directly through the Instagram app or will be directed through to a brands website to complete their purchase.

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New WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp has now introduced a range of new features as part of its latest update, which include:

  • Animated stickers – Users will soon be able to use animated stickers within chats, these will be available within the next coming days
  • QR codes – Users can now add contacts through a QR code
  • Dark Mode – A newly introduced dark mode for the WhatsApp web app
  • Video Call Improvements – WhatsApp is aiming to improve the quality of its video calling features, including being able to make a contact full screen with just a tap

The platform is also currently testing the following features which will be available to users in the future:

  • Multi-device support – This will help users to use their WhatsApp account on multiple devices
  • Self-destructing messages – Users will soon be able to send messages which will automatically disappear after a time period set by the sender

WhatsApp has already launched its first animated sticker pack this week, to add these users simply have to tap emoji, then select stickers where they can then add their favourite packs of stickers.

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Google Prediction & Trends Tools

Google has introduced some new tools to help advertisers maximise campaigns.

This includes updated recommendations based on evolving search trends, tools for managing campaigns on the go and better transparency to its automated bidding process.

Firstly, Google has highlighted the importance of its Recommendations page, which makes it easier for users to find new trends relevant to your business and gives keyword recommendations. 

This is a complete game-changer if you’re running ads through Google, with one brand reporting a 700% increase in site traffic by using these recommendations.

Google is also making its Performance Planner tools available for Display and App campaigns, which will help to identify significant shifts in consumer behaviour and allow brands to optimise based on these.

Finally, Google has also launched manager accounts within the Google Ads app, which lets marketers view and manage ad accounts on the go.

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YouTube Monetisation Changes

YouTube has announced an update to its monetisation policy which means that videos that are 8 minutes long are now eligible for mid-roll ads rather than the previous 10 minute mark.

As per YouTube: “Starting in late July, videos that are longer than eight minutes will be eligible for mid-roll ads. As part of this change, mid-roll ads will be turned on for all eligible existing videos and future video uploads, including those videos where you may have previously opted out of mid-roll ads. Videos that already have mid-roll ads turned on will not be impacted.”

YouTube is now also automatically adding mid-roll ads to all videos over 8 minutes, rather than creators having to manually add these in but creators will still be able to switch them off if they choose, and/or adjust the automatic placement of any such ads.

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TikTok Ads Platform

TikTok has announced that its self-serve ad platform is now available to all advertisers globally.

TikTok explained, “The global availability of TikTok’s self-serve advertising solutions gives marketers the tools to tap into the creativity of the TikTok community, reach new audiences and optimise marketing campaigns with an easy-to-use platform.”

The platform is set-up very similar to Facebook’s Ad Manager and includes video templates and auto-editing tools which allow advertisers to add a combination of still and video content for campaigns.

These come in addition to targeting and scheduling tools and provide simple pathways for advertisers to create TikTok campaigns.

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Instagram Pinned Comments

Instagram now lets users pin their top three comments, within interaction streams.

The option is designed to encourage more civil discussion within the comments by ‘highlighting positive comments’.

The feature was first spotted in testing back in April, along with a range of other features designed to give users more control over Instagram interactions.

This is an interesting addition from Instagram and one we’re sure people will make good use of but we’re a little sceptical as to how this will work to encourage positive discussion.

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Campaign of The Week

Macmillan is back with its annual coffee morning and is showing that nothing, not even a global pandemic, is going to stop the event!

This brilliantly creative campaign by AMV BBDO made to encourage people to take part is definitely eye-catching! The campaign encourages people to hold different kinds of coffee mornings for the post-COVID world and to do whatever it takes to get involved and we absolutely love it!

Stay safe and have a great weekend! 
SHC Digital 😁

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