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  • Pinterest now sees more than 5 billion searches every month on its platform (Pinterest)
  • 91% of retail brands use a minimum of two social platforms (Oberlo)
  • 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business account (Instagram)

Instagram Custom Link Sticker Options

After rolling out link stickers globally back in October, this week Instagram has added the capacity to add custom text to link stickers. 

As you can see in these examples above, now, when you add a link sticker, you’ll be prompted to also add in custom text for the link. For example if you want to drive users to your latest promotion you could change the text to ‘Tap here for 20% off’. 

The new features are a very handy addition and give brands more creative opportunities, with the ability to now incorporate text that can help to drive traffic, directly aligned to your business and/or promotion.

Additionally, you can also choose from a range of color options for the sticker display in your Stories. To change the color of the link, simply tap on the sticker as you’re placing it to explore the colour options available.

The new options are rolling out to all users this week and are definitely worth testing out. 

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WhatsApp auto delete option

After first launching disappearing messages back in November last year, WhatsApp has this week announced it is adding new functionality to its disappearing messages feature, which lets users set messages in a chat to automatically be deleted after a set period of time. 

The Meta-owned messaging service also says it’s giving users more options for how long before a message is deleted, ranging from 24 hours to 90 days. 

Turning on disappearing messages by default won’t affect existing chats. However, when you start a new one-on-one chat, a notice will appear to say that the disappearing messages feature is turned on, alongside a note that says it’s on by default. You also have the option of turning the setting off for individual chats.

Although the new default setting doesn’t affect group chats, WhatsApp says it has also added a new option when creating groups to let you enable the disappearing messages feature.

WhatsApp has always stressed that privacy is a priority for the platform and this new feature is another step to keep conversations private on the platform. 

The new features are available now across all platforms. 

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Pinterest Acquires Video Editing App

As part of its broader push into video content on the platform, Pinterest has acquired video creation and editing app Vochi with which it hopes to extend its tools for creators.

Vochi enables users to easily add effects to their clips, remove items from clips, and add other specialised visual features that can make clips stand out in feeds. 

Pinterest commented “Our vision is to create a place where Pinners can go from inspiration to realization, and having more creator tools can help us further this vision,” 

This is a great move from Pinterest and one that will definitely come in useful and open up more opportunities for creators on the platform as video becomes an increasingly powerful tool on social.

The app will become part of the broader Pinterest creator suite, so keep your eyes peeled!

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Google Ads image extensions for desktop

Google Ads will begin rolling out image extensions to desktop devices in the coming weeks.

Image extensions may help make your ads more visually appealing, which might encourage visitors to click on them. 

Google commented, “Image extensions complement your Search ad with relevant visuals of your products and services. This makes it easy for potential customers to learn about your business and take action. Previously, image extensions only showed on mobile devices. To help you showcase your brand to more people, image extensions will begin showing on desktop devices in the next few weeks.”

If you’re already running image extensions for mobile devices, they will automatically show those extensions on desktop as well as the update rolls out.

The update also brings dynamic image extensions, which automatically select the most relevant image from your ad’s landing page, to desktop devices.

In addition to this, Google has also added a free, searchable library of stock images to help advertisers source visuals. To access the library, simply select “Stock Images” when you’re asked to choose an image for your image extension.

Some useful updates from Google that will help advertisers create more visually engaging Search ads and hopefully drive more people through to brand sites.  

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Looking to level up your TikTok ads? TikTok has shared a new set of tips on how to maximise conversion with your TikTok ads.

The recommendations focus on creative best practices to help entice customers to take that next step and convert.

There are some valuable, actionable tips, which could provide guidance in your TikTok ads approach- definitely something to check out!

This week Tony’s Chocolonely, a Dutch ethical chocolate brand, continued to help raise awareness of the inequality in the cocoa industry by not including a chocolate in day eight of its ‘Countdown Calendar’. 

The brand took to social to explain their reasoning behind the missing chocolate, here’s what they had to say: 

The campaign brilliantly brings to light and highlights the inequality in the cocoa industry. For those of you who do have a Tony’s Chocolonely calendar, don’t be too disappointed as the brand has promised they will make up for the missing chocolate in the days to come!👌

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