The Weekly (07/12 – 11/12)

In the week when we saw Giovanna crowned Queen of The Castle, here’s everything else you need to know…

Top Social Stats:

  • 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched every day (Broadband Search)
  • 78% of UK internet users are on Facebook (Talkwalker)
  • 99% of social media users access social media by mobile (Smart Insights)

This Week’s Innovations:

Twitter Frequency Capping

Twitter has added a new frequency cap option for all campaigns globally.

As explained by Twitter, “Marketers know one key component of campaign success is effective audience reach. That’s why we are introducing frequency caps for ads on Twitter globally. Whether it’s brand lift or offline sales impact, frequency caps allow advertisers to optimize campaigns to deliver efficient business outcomes through better control over impression delivery and audience reach over extended periods of time.”

This will allow marketers to set a limit on how many times each user is shown your ad within a given period of time.

This is a great option as it means that marketers can now set their frequency to be most effective for their campaigns.

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TikTok 2020 Best Performing

TikTok has shared insights into the platform’s top creators, clips, trends and more; which are all key in helping to frame your own brand’s TikTok approach.

The insights include TikTok’s top 10 viral videos, creators and communities on the app.

Unsurprisingly, Bella Porch and Jason Derulo have taken the top spots for both top viral video and top celebrity; but it’s interesting to see what’s taken the top spot for each content category.

TikTok has also provided insights into its top ten visual effects, songs, memes, celebrities and more. The platform has also listed the most creative brand campaigns of 2020.

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WhatsApp Carts

WhatsApp is adding a new shopping feature to WhatsApp ahead of the Christmas shopping season.

This is aimed at making it easier for users to buy multiple items from businesses as well as to make it easier for businesses to keep better track of order inquiries and message requests.

Users will now see the option to add items to cart and when done, users will be able to send the order request as a message to the business.

These come as part of WhatsApp’s recent push into eCommerce and is a really handy feature for small businesses!

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Google Maps Direct Messaging

Google is now adding direct messages into Google Maps.

This is to make it easier for users to get in touch with businesses directly from Maps in order to get quick answers to specific queries.

As explained by Google, “When people look for information online, they want to find the answers to their questions quickly. This is especially true for people browsing nearby businesses. Business Profiles help merchants share information like how late you’re open and what safety measures are in place. But sometimes people are looking for answers to more niche questions such as: “Do you make gluten-free cakes?” or “Is there covered parking?”

This could be a great feature for smaller businesses but for some larger companies, this may just be another channel to take care of – what are your thoughts?

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Food for thought

This week, Google has released the UK’s most searched-for terms of the year.

From bread to beavers, workouts to WAP – there’s an interesting mix!

Not only are they interesting to read but the top searches are a great tool when it comes to working up your social strategy for 2021.

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Campaign of The Week

We’re loving the Co-op’s new Christmas campaign ‘Round Are Way’ created by Lucky Generals.

The ad shows the sweet story of two brothers who bring much-needed community cheer by busking outside of their local Co-op and is the perfect feel-good tale for current times.

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