The Weekly (08/02 – 12/02)

In the week when North West showed off her incredible painting skills, here’s everything you need to know…

  • 54% of social media users research products using social media (Sprout Social)
  • Worldwide social media advertising spend was up 50.3% in Q4 2020 vs 2019 (Social Media Today)
  • There were 53 million social media users in the UK in January 2021 (Data Reportal)

Shop Pay

Shopify has now partnered with Facebook and is expanding its ‘Shop Pay’ payment option to all Shopify merchants across both Facebook and Instagram.

Shop Pay will be available to all Shopify merchants using Instagram checkout in the US first, with a full roll out across Facebook coming in the following weeks.

With Facebook being one of Shopify’s biggest sales channels the move is a clear win and will be the first time Shop Pay will be made available outside of Shopify.

Once available, users will be able to find tagged products from Shopify merchants in the app, then add them to their cart. Then, once users are through to checkout they’ll be able to select Shop Pay as their preferred payment option and complete their purchase without leaving the app.

Orders can be tracked via Shopify’s Shop app, the same as those processed on Shopify itself.

It’s interesting to see how Facebook is working to expand its shopping features across platforms and is a great insight into the changing ways that people shop online.

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Instagram Vertical Stories Feed

Instagram is working on the development of a new vertical Stories feed.

The feature isn’t currently being tested yet but is already in development and with more and more users turning to Instagram Stories, the vertical swiping motion will feel a lot more natural.

Although there’s not too much news on the feature just yet, its good to see which direction Instagram is moving in terms of developments and we’re expecting to see a whole new Instagram by the end of 2021.

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TikTok eCommerce Updates

TikTok is looking to add some new eCommerce tools to the platform.

TikTok has already taken steps to provide creators with a range of monetisation opportunities, however, with the remaining risk of losing top creators to other platforms, the platform has briefed advertisers on the following new commerce integrations.

  • A tool for users to share links to products and automatically earn commission on any sales.

The new process will be available to TikTok’s most popular users and will provide an immediate, direct way for users to monetise through the platform.

  • The ability for brands to showcase catalogues of products on the platform.

The new catalogues option will provide another format for brands to showcase products and will likely be an added tab on selected profiles and video clips linking through to an in-app catalogue.

  • ‘Livestreamed’ shopping – a mobile version of TV shopping channels.

Finally, TikTok will be adding live-stream shopping where TikTok stars will be able to showcase products that can then be bought within a few taps.

The experience will also add a product overlay on the video playback, which can be expanded to see more products that viewers can immediately buy in-stream

It’s great to see that TikTok developing a range of new monetisation options and shows that the platform is serious when it comes to business opportunities.

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Instagram Recycled Content Limits

This week, Instagram has issued some new Reels advice and is clearly advising users to stop posting content that is ‘visibly recycled’ from other apps (such as TikTok).

The platform has also updated its algorithm to penalise such posts within both the Reels tab and explore feed.

Instagram commented on the move saying, “We’re building on what we’ve learned from Explore to recommend fun and entertaining videos in places like the Reels tab, and personalize the experience. We are getting better at using ranking signals that help us predict whether people will find a reel entertaining and whether we should recommend it.”

Instagram will identify re-shared content by detecting visible watermarks and poor quality and has even shared a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to creating content on the platform.

The platform, won’t remove re-shared content and will still show this content to followers however, re-using content will severely impact users from reaching a larger audience, so best get working on that new Instagram strategy!

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This week, TikTok has published its 2021 content trends report.

The report highlights a range of key topics that saw significant growth and interest throughout 2020 as well as shining a spotlight on the most consumed and fastest rising content for 2021.

The report also shows the growth of each topic over time as well as associated hashtags and detail on exactly what types of content users are engaging with.

Definitely worth a read – particularly if you’re looking to include TikTok within your 2021 social strategy!

Of course, this week’s Weekly can’t go without a mention of the infamous Weetabix beans on toast tweet!

The tweet hit the headlines this week, horrifying many social media users and capturing the attention of dozens of the biggest brands around the world.

The post saw over 98k likes, 86.3k retweets and 17k replies within a day of being posted and really shows the power of social media!

Stay safe and have a great weekend!
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