The Weekly (07/10 – 11/10)

Here we are with another weekly- enjoy!

Top Social Stats:

  • When shopping online for clothes or furniture, over 85% of people put more importance on visual information than text information (Pinterest)
  • 33% of foodies say they will pay more for food and drink if they’ve seen friends post about it on social (Social Chain Data)
  • Coleen’s spat with Rebekah Vardy had over triple the mentions of Boris Johnson on Wednesday (Social Chain Data)

This Week’s Innovations:


Instagram has launched a new initiative called @Creators. This is in order for Instagram to maintain its current engagement levels and keep pushing platform growth, through maintaining a connection with its creators.

The new initiative ensures that creators get all that they want out of the platform’s tools. Instagram says it will be:

“THE place to learn more about what it takes to be a creator from the team at Instagram + the creators who inspire us every day”

The account will share tips, tricks and tutorials from platform experts, as well as official Instagram updates and data insights.

This will ideally give creators a better understanding of how they can maximise their Instagram presence and build their audience on the platform.

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Instagram Stories Tags

Instagram has launched a new development which collates all of the stories you have been mentioned in. This will help users to quickly review all of the stories and then respond easily.

We think that this is a great development and makes sure that you don’t miss a trick! Especially when it comes to busy periods such as events & launches

Google Ranking Factors

Google reportedly uses more than 200 ranking factors when calculating its search results listings.

Google has never published any official ranking factor listing, however, the team at SEO PowerSuite have outlined a set of ranking factors for 2020 and we’ve brought them to you!

The list falls into six important categories:

  1. Domain factors
  2. Content factors
  3. Site Structure and Code factors
  4. Performance and security factors
  5. User interactions factors
  6. Links factors

Click here to see the full infographic –


You may have seen us previously talk about Instagram’s new messaging app ‘Threads’ – well it’s now LIVE!

A quick recap- Threads is an Instagram companion app that lets you share text, photos and videos with your ‘close friends’ list. It also allows you to share your location, status and other intimate data.

The app has three core components:

  1. The Camera- This is the default screen when you open the app, there are no filters here, it’s just for taking photos and videos.
  2. The Inbox – This mirrors direct messages in Instagram but is limited to close friends, meaning that it will only be a very short inbox.
  3. Status Screen – This seems to be the most controversial aspect of Threads. To create a status you pick an emoji and write a few words, which you can then keep visible from one to four hours. You can input an ‘auto status’ which will refresh your status throughout the day as you go about life. It will learn when you’re at home or work and update accordingly and Instagram has said that it won’t store your exact location.

Threads will request your location, movement, battery level and network connection from your phone in order to determine what to share. This however, may be an issue with all of the fire Facebook have come under regarding data.

Essentially, we’re looking at an Instagram-style Snapchat, which has long encouraged users to only add their close friends to the service. We’re keen to see how this work out, will it become the new Snapchat? We’re sceptical but will make sure to keep you updated!

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