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Happy Friday!

In the week when Lady Whistledown confirmed that we can expect series three and four of Bridgerton and we all celebrated with a pint at the pub, here’s everything else you need to know…

  • 66% of TikTokers say that the platform has helped them decide what to buy (TikTok)
  • 50% of users are more interested in a brand when they see an ad for it on Instagram (Business 2 Community)
  • 70% of the most used Instagram hashtags are branded (Simply Measured)

Facebook Hotline

Facebook is testing a new speaker platform called ‘Hotline’.

The app has been described as a mashup of Instagram Live and Clubhouse and allows creators to speak to an audience who can ask questions via either text or audio.

Unlike other audio platforms, however, users are given the option to turn the camera on throughout the event.

Hotline’s user interface looks very similar to other audio-only social networks when viewed on mobile, with a speaker section at the top of the screen where the event host is featured in a round profile icon with even listeners below.

Hosts are given full control over their session and during the initial testing phase, Facebook employees will be moderating events and removing anyone who violates the Facebook guidelines.

At launch, anyone can join a Hotline for free with no limit on audience size – definitely one to take a look at!

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New TikTok Music Effects

TikTok has announced SIX new music effects for creators.

The new effects will offer interactivity, visualisations and animations and will be seen across accounts within the next few weeks.

The first effect, Music Visualiser, is already available across all TikTok accounts and runs real-time beat tracking to animate a retro greenscreen landscape featuring a purple sky with multiple moons and works with any track within the TikTok music library.

As well as this, TikTok will also be launching the following effects:

  • Music Machine – an interactive set of tools to give users more control over the music within their videos as well as dynamic visual responses for the video of your recorded music
  • Delayed Beats – recreating the freeze-frame effect that’s already popular on TikTok, aligning transitions to the beat of the music
  • Text Beats – this allows creators to add animated text overlays to their video that transition in sync with the music
  • Solid Beats – visual effects that sync to the beat of any song
  • Mirror Beats – display transitions that align with the beat of any song from TikTok’s library

Some interesting additions from TikTok here that will definitely help creators to upgrade their content within the app!

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Reddit Rooms

It seems lately that all social apps are keen to jump onboard the audio train and this week Reddit is no exception!

Reddit is currently testing its own take on audio social, with audio rooms within Subreddits.

According to Mashable, “Reddit is quietly exploring a new feature that would enable moderator-run voice chats, possibly similar to Clubhouse, according to a source familiar with the company’s plan. Development is still in the early stages, and was described as confidential.”

There isn’t much news yet as to what the feature will look like or entail but the addition will allow Redditors to enhance their community connection and engagement, something that Reddit has been trying to encourage for a while now.

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Google Video Ad Experiments

Google is adding a new video experiments element to Google Ads which will allow brands to test and compare different approaches to their video marketing.

Google explained, “Knowing the outsized impact of creative on driving sales, we’re launching video experiments globally in Google Ads over the next several weeks. These experiments are easy to set up and quick to deliver results you can act on. So whether you’re looking to understand the impact of different video ads on Brand Lift, conversions or CPAs, you too can make more informed decisions that improve your results on YouTube.”

Now, within your ‘Drafts & Experiments’ tab in the Google Ads dashboard, you’ll soon see a new ‘Video Experiments’ option.

Here, users will be able to create tests of video ads on YouTube, with results available within the Google Ads dashboard.

“With a video experiment, you can test different video ads with the same audience, and then use the results of the experiment to determine which ad resonates more with your audience.”

This is a great addition from Google that will allow advertisers to easily test which video ads are most effective on Youtube and help brands to optimise ad spend and generate better results.

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Thinking of branching out into TikTok ads?

The platform recently commissioned leading data insights company, Kantar, to conduct a study from more than 25,000 participants, across 20 different countries, on how ads on TikTok are perceived in comparison to other platforms and the results are really interesting!

Not only did the study highlight which placements are most effective but also came out with some great insights into users’ perceptions of advertising on the platform.

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This week, Tesco has encouraged its shoppers to “give Tesco a miss” and instead support their local pubs.

The campaign ran across national press, digital outdoor billboards and social media and has gained a lot of traction this week. The campaign highlights that the company recognises how supermarkets have significantly benefitted over lockdown and encourages support for other sectors that have struggled throughout the pandemic – great job Tesco!

Stay safe and have a great weekend!
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