The Weekly (13/01 – 17/01)

In the week when we were all back on our sofas to welcome Winter Love Island, here’s everything you need to know…

Top Social Stats:

  • People are 26% more likely to view ads on Twitter than on any other leading platform (Sprout Social)
  • On average 5 new Facebook profiles are created every second (Social Media Today)
  • 67% of consumers consider video to be the most transparent type of social media posts. (Sprout Social)

This Week’s Innovations:

More Stories Updates

Another week, another round of Instagram Stories updates!

Instagram has now added new options to its Boomerang camera mode for Stories, including ‘SloMo’, ‘Echo’ and ‘Duo’ variants.

Instagram has also added capacity to ‘trim’ and ‘tweak’ your Boomerang loop in order to better control your final clip.

The platform is also working on a new map sticker for Stories, which would display your location on a world map.

The map sticker will show a section of a world map image, including a marker for your location. However, due to privacy concerns, users won’t be able to zoom in too far on the map to see a precise location.

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TikTok Discovery

TikTok is looking at adding a new highlights stream to the platform, which would display selected, original videos from TikTok creators, alongside content from professional publishers.

The move will give TikTok’s moderators more control over the platform and ad placements, ensuring ads aren’t put in-between controversial posts.

TikTok will maintain their current process within the home timeline and give users the option to explore a more curated listing of top content within the new content stream, similar to Snapchat Discover.

The move looks like another step in TikTok’s efforts to better connect with brands and increase the platform’s revenue.

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Google is set to restrict the number of advertising cookies on websites accessed via Google Chrome within the next two years.

Justin Schuh, Director of Chrome engineering said ‘Users are demanding greater privacy – including transparency, choice and control over how their data is used – and it’s clear the web ecosystem need to evolve to meet these increasing demands’.

This comes as Ireland’s data protection authority investigates Google’s online advertising business and the practice of real-time bidding for online ads.

Research also suggests that out of the UK’s top 10,000 most popular website, only 11.8% of sites meet the minimal requirements of GDPR law.

Third-party cookies, which follow users from site to site tracing their browsing habits, have also been banned by Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla.

Websites will still be able to use their own first-party cookies to track users.

Here at SHC, we’re concerned about the impact this may have if you use a Facebook Pixel, particularly if this is housed within Google Tag Manager.

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Desktop Instagram DMs

Hallelujah! Instagram has now confirmed that it will begin rolling out direct message access through the desktop version of the app.

A small percentage of users will initially be given access to the option as it’s still being tested but it was first spotted last February.

This addition will make Instagram’s messaging widely accessible and will be particularly useful if brands and businesses to check customer queries, slotting in easier to day-to-day workflow.

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Video Traffic Source Insights

Facebook has announced a new addition for its Creator Studio dashboard called ‘Traffic Source Insights’.
This will provide a more direct overview of video watch time and retention metrics within four separate audience categories ‘Followers’, ‘Shares’, ‘Recommended’ and ‘Paid’.

These provide more specific insight into who exactly is watching your Facebook video content, giving creators more guidance as to where to focus their efforts.

The addition is being rolled out within Creator Studio this week and Facebook have provided users with a range of tips on how to use the data and well as some general video making advice.

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