The Weekly (13/07 – 17/07)

In the week when Wales opened its borders and we can get back to the beach at Barry Island, here’s everything else you need to know…

Top Social Stats:

  • 99% of social media users in 2019 accessed social media on mobile (Hootsuite)
  • Ad spending on Instagram is 23% higher than on Facebook (Digiday)
  • 81% of parents report that their kids start using Facebook between 8 -13 years old (The Content Factory)

This Week’s Innovations:

IGTV Preview Options

Instagram has added new tools to help IGTV creators manage how their content appears when pushed into the main feed and discover tab.

This means that creators can now edit the preview image and thumbnail displayed for IGTV videos.

This comes as part of Instagram’s wider efforts to encourage more users to create content over on IGTV and is definitely something we’re glad to see!

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Byte Is Back!

Byte (aka Vine) has seen a massive surge in downloads in the US. The app even reached the top spot on the App Store charts last week.

This comes after Donald Trump hinted at a possible TikTok ban which led to many TikTok stars looking for an alternative.

Byte, released back in January, is a 6-second looping video app and is essentially the second coming of Vine.

The app reached 1.3 million downloads in its first week after being launched but has just begun to gain momentum.

The app is working to align itself with TikTok with the introduction of a range of new features as well as extending the time limit of Byte clips from 6 to 8 seconds.

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Facebook Image Presentation Tools

Facebook is releasing a new set of image presentation options for posts, with preset display formats for multi-image uploads.

The new options appear at the bottom of the post composer and gives users four different display formats to choose from.

This will help to create posts stand out more in-feed and better showcase your products – definitely something to keep in mind when content planning!

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Google Predicted Audience Tools

Google has added some new predictive metrics into Google Analytics to help businesses connect with website visitors that are likely to take certain actions.

Google explained, “Analytics will now suggest new predictive audiences that you can create in the Audience Builder. For example, using Purchase Probability, we will suggest the audience “Likely 7-day purchasers” which includes users who are most likely to purchase in the next seven days.”

Google uses advanced prediction capacity based on your website data in order to evaluate the likely response from each visitor.

“For example, users who have studied product details or added items to their carts have given strong signals that they’re already taking ownership of those products. Analytics goes beyond these simple signals and uses machine learning to find deep patterns of behaviour that are unique to your property and show that a user is likely to convert.”

This is a great new addition and is definitely worth taking a look at to ensure you’re reaching your most engaged audience!

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Pinterest Algorithm Updates

Pinterest has published a new update to its algorithm, which aims to better balance the types of content it shows on home feeds.

This will enable the platform to display a broader range of content as opposed to relying on engagement to drive its pin recommendations.

Pinterest engineer, Yaron Grief, explained, “Every day millions of Pinners visit the home feed to find inspiration on Pinterest. As a member of the home feed ranking team, it’s my job to not only figure out what relevant pins to show Pinners but also to make sure that those Pins will help maintain the health of the overall Pinterest ecosystem.”

The update will allow Pinterest to achieve its goals of sharing more video content on the platform and ensure that users are served content from people from diverse backgrounds.

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Google Immersive Product Experiences

Google has announced the rollout of new features designed to help brands better market products during the current pandemic.

Firstly, with live-streaming seeing a surge in popularity, Google has announced the ability to run YouTube live stream content within display ads. 

Users will be able to interact with the video, watch a preview and use all of the live functionality from the ad.

Google has also announced the roll-out of a new format called Swirl.

Swirl is a 3D format, designed for mobile, which allows users to interact with a product on-screen.

Finally, YouTube is working to improve its AR try-on functionality, which is most popular with beauty brands.

Users will now be able to try on beauty products while watching a tutorial that features the product.

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Campaign of The Week

We’re loving Channel 4’s new #BeMoreRainbow campaign! The campaign encourages people to ‘carry on being community-minded, kind to each other and stay safe’ and is just what we all need at the moment!

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