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In the week when Meghan and Harry announced their second pregnancy, here’s everything you need to know…

  • Instagram engagement fell 30% in 2020 (Rival IQ)
  • Pinterest is the social platform with the longest post lifespan (Blogging Wizard)
  • Facebook accounts for over 45 percent of monthly social media visits (Social Pilot)

LinkedIn Creator Program

LinkedIn is building a new creator management team to help grow its community of content creators.

LinkedIn News Vice President, Dan Roth announced the move last week saying, “Creators are the lifeblood of LinkedIn. People who share their voice with the goal of building up the community—whether that’s by creating original posts, Stories, videos, articles, etc.; amplifying new people to follow; sharing news and links and explaining why they’re worth your time; etc.—help us all see what’s possible and what’s coming. Now we’re hiring an experienced leader to build a global team that supports creators around the world, enabling them to have an even bigger impact and better experience on the platform.

The move opens up a range of new opportunities for both the platform’s users and advertisers, and could be the first step to a new creator marketplace.

The program is still very much in the early stages of development but is definitely one to keep an eye on!

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Facebook’s Clubhouse

Facebook is reportedly in the process of creating a new audio-only social app.

This comes after the recent rise in popularity of new app, Clubhouse, shown in the image below.

The New York Times reported, “Facebook executives have ordered employees to create a similar product [to Clubhouse], said the people, who were not authorised to speak publicly. The product is in its earliest stages of development, they said.”

As Facebook already has its video app ‘Rooms’ and the infrastructure already in the place, the move does seem logical and will likely be available to a larger number of users, however, may lack the appeal of Clubhouse’s exclusivity.

It’ll be interesting to see what Facebook do with this in the future – we’ll be keeping an eye out! 👀

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TikTok Recipe Integration

TikTok is working on a new ‘recipe’ feature within the app.

The move is to enable businesses and creators to drive traffic and sales directly from the app and could be a big hint as to whats in store for businesses using the platform in the future.

TikTok has started rolling out the new integration, in partnership with recipe app Whisk,  among select creators.

The integration provides more opportunity for food creators to drive traffic to their Whisk profile, and build their audience, while it’ll also help boost traffic for Whisk.

This development isn’t the first time that TikTok has experimented with the addition of external links from videos, with the platform testing the option for users to add Wikipedia links to their videos back in 2019.

A great addition from TikTok and one that we hope to see some more variations of in the future!

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Instagram Multi-participant Live Streams

Instagram is planning to launch multi-participant live streaming within video chats.

Instagram Chief, Adam Mosseri, explained, “We have been working on live groups – finally. […] We’re releasing the ability to go live with more than one other person, so with up to four other people, in the next couple of weeks, which we’re really excited about.”

Instagram has been working on the functionality for almost a year now so has been a long time coming!

The new feature opens up a range of possibilities when it comes to live streaming and is sure to be one that many people will be making use of – if only we’d had it in lockdown one!

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Looking to improve your Instagram visuals? Look no further!

Facebook has recently launched a new web series called ‘Boost my Business’.

“Boost My Business tells the stories of small business resiliency and creative problem solving, following small businesses around the world who are pivoting and growing online. See how these inspiring business owners find new and easy ways to stay in touch with their customers, even if their doors are currently closed.”

The series can be found over on Facebook or on the Facebook for Business website and is definitely worth a visit!

Oatly has been killing it recently when it comes to creative campaigns and this week is no different.

In its most recent campaign, ‘Are you stupid?’, Oatly has hit back at the European Parliament to tackle the issues brought up by dairy farmers around the use of the word ‘milk’ by plant-based brands.

The campaign cleverly proves Oatly’s point on the argument in a funny and entertaining way that’s sure to grab people’s attention – love it!

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