The Weekly (16/03 – 20/03)

 In the week where the real world’s gone a little crazy (including Barack Obama following someone he maybe shouldn’t have on Twitter!), here’s a run-down of what’s been going on in the digital world…

Top Social Stats:

  • Finding ‘funny and entertaining’ content is the fastest-growing reason for using social (Hootsuite)
  • 96% of the people that discuss brands online don’t follow those brands’ profiles (Brandwatch)
  • Facebook drives 23% of all traffic across the internet (Shareaholic)

This Week’s Innovations

IGTV Monetisation

As we flagged a couple of weeks ago, Instagram has now confirmed that it’s reaching out to a group of selected creators inviting them to participate in the initial testing of in-stream ads for IGTV videos.

Those in the program will receive a 55% share of all advertising in IGTV, the same rate as YouTube.

With IGTV not having gained the momentum Instagram predicted, this could be crucial in getting people using the platform.

There are likely to be eligibility thresholds for IGTV monetisation, with one Twitter user suggesting that requirements could be similar to the 10,000 followers ‘Swipe Up’ link, but we’re yet to get any confirmation from Instagram.

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YouTube Explore

YouTube is replacing its ‘Trending’ tab with a new ‘Explore’ tab.

The move is to showcase more video categories, along with popular videos for a broader range of content to discover.

YouTube said “We’ve been testing a new tab in the YouTube mobile app called ‘Explore’ – with Explore you not only have access to trending videos, but also to destination pages for some popular content categories like Gaming, Music, Fashion & Beauty, Learning and more – all from one place.”

As well as this, YouTube is also adding both ‘Creator on the Rise’ and ‘Artist on the Rise’ tags to highlight up and coming profiles.

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LinkedIn Conversation Ads

LinkedIn is adding new conversation ads which build on LinkedIn’s current Message Ads.

These will feature full-funnel campaigns with options for customised CTAs.

The new product will be rolled out within the next few weeks.

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Facebook Business Grants

This week, Facebook has announced a new $100 million grants program to assist small businesses in 30 nations, to support the communities in which Facebook and its teams operate.

Facebook COO, Sherly Sandberg explained, “Small businesses are the heartbeat of our communities, and many of the people who run these businesses are heavily affected by the crisis – especially as more and more people sensibly stay home. The longer the crisis goes on, the greater the risk to small businesses and to the livelihoods of their owners and employees. That’s why today I’m announcing that Facebook is investing $100 million to help 30,000 small businesses in over 30 countries where our employees live and work.”

Facebook will reveal more information and begin taking applicants in the next few weeks.

As well as these grants, Facebook has also:

  • Launched a new Business Resource Hub, which provides support for all businesses affected by the Coronavirus
  • Begun working on a new virtual training program to support businesses along with mapping out a strategy on how it can host virtual training sessions all over the world
  • Begun work on new Blueprint courses with a focus on remote working

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Instagram Mirror Mode

Instagram is testing out a new ‘mirror’ camera mode for Stories which will split your screen into various patterns and shapes.

The mode comes with five different layout options which you can see in the image below.

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Snapchat Lens Builder

Snapchat has developed a new product that will give advertisers an easy way to design and distribute AR ads within Snapchat’s Ads Manager.

Snapchat said that the Lens Web Builder was designed with three key values in mind; simplicity, speed and budget.

The web builder is free to use, offers hundreds of templates for users to create AR ads without any 3D design experience and can render creative within minutes.

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Instagram Shuts Down COVID-19 Lens’

This week Instagram has expanded its COVID-19 response with a ban on searches for Coronavirus related AR effects.

The platform said “We will no longer allow people to search for COVID-19 related AR effects on Instagram, unless they were developed in partnership with a recognised health organisation. This is part of our ongoing effort to better connect people with credible health information”.

Props to Instagram for shutting this down so quickly and for also celebrating our super health workers, who are currently working tirelessly to keep us all safe, with a new sticker…

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Campaign of The Week

Brewdog are back with yet another brilliant idea!

With the current stockpiling shortages, the company has opened their Scotland distillery to make hand sanitiser, which they are giving away to people in need – well done Brewdog!! 🙌

Stay safe guys!

SHC Digital x

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