The Weekly (17/08 – 21/08)

In the week when we welcomed back Turkey Twizzlers, here’s everything else you need to know…

Top Social Stats:

  • 43% of users get their news from Facebook (Social Pilot)
  • Engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays (Omnicore Agency)
  • Instagram has more than 25 million business profiles (Naturally Social)

This Week’s Innovations:

TikTok Rumour Centre

TikTok has launched a new information hub, which will serve as a ‘source of truth’ to counter rumours around the app.

As explained by TikTok, “Transparency is at our core, and we are committed to leading the industry in security and accountability. Today, we are taking another step to continue to build trust with our TikTok community by delivering the facts – in our own words and in the words of leading experts across cybersecurity, media and academia – because we neither support nor stand for the spread of misinformation on our platform, or about our platform.”

According to TikTok, the misinformation around the app is what lead to its potential ban from the US government so the platform is clearly tackling this issue head-on.

The information centre shares a range of official announcements from TikTok as well as news stories about the platform.

There’s also a section called ‘Expert Opinions’ which showcases various reports on the platform, its algorithms and broader impacts and an FAQ section which includes an official statement that TikTok will now share data with the Chinese government.

This development is quite refreshing to see and shows us that TikTok is definitely putting its money where its mouth is.

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Instagram QR Codes

Instagram has now launched QR codes globally.

Users will now easily be able to follow other accounts or share their account with other users.

Instagram commented, “We know the road ahead for small businesses such as restaurants and shops may be challenging, so we want to continue building tools to help them get discovered and connect with people in new ways. By scanning a QR code via Instagram, customers will be taken to a business’ profile on Instagram and be able to see updated store hours, buy goods or services or seek more info.”

Users can access their QR code in the profile menu. Codes can then be scanned using the Instagram Stories Camera, which, once scanned will send people through to your profile.

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Facebook Educator Hub

Facebook has launched a new Educator Hub, designed to help students, teachers and parents through providing a range of educational resources to improve learning outcomes, updating lesson plans and teaching digital literacy.

Facebook explained, “Back-to-school season looks different this year due to COVID-19, and parents, teachers and students around the world are facing a myriad of challenges, from remote teaching and learning, balancing work and home responsibilities, and most importantly, maintaining the safety and well-being of all involved. That’s why we’re launching an Educator Hub to support teachers and provide resources across our apps to help people navigate the new school year, stay connected and take care of each other.”

The hub also includes sections dedicated to mental wellbeing and teacher connectivity to support people dealing with a range of challenges.

The Hub also includes a dedicated section on teaching racial equality, as well as a listing of Facebook tools that students and educators can use to stay connected.

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New Instagram Display Ads

Instagram is now displaying ads at the end of your feed.

Now, when users have scrolled through all of the new content in their Instagram feed and have reached the ‘You’re all caught up’ message, Instagram will now use this space to suggest new, organic posts for users to view as well as ads.

The ‘All Caught Up’ notice was originally introduced to help the overuse and addictive nature of Instagram but with the rise in popularity of TikTok along with the impact of COVID-19, we’re seeing many people spending more time on social media which may have resulted to Instagram backtracking.

“Our goal is to make it clear when you’re all caught up so you can decide how you want to best use your time,” says Instagram Director of Product, Robby Stein. “We see people continuing to seek out more posts they’re interested in after catching up with their feeds, so we wanted to learn from that and make it easier to go a little deeper for those who choose to do so.”

The “Suggested Posts” feature gives Instagram a new surface where it can display ads which will appear alongside the suggested content from accounts you don’t follow, but Instagram thinks you might like. However, the platform adds that people who follow a large number of accounts may never reach the end of their Feed.

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Facebook Paid Online Events

Facebook is now providing a way for people to create a paid online event through the platform.

Page admins of business pages, creators, educators and media publishers can now create online events, set prices for attending, promote these events and collect payments and host the events.

The option is now available to pages in over 20 countries that meet the platform’s partner monetisation policies.

Facebook will not collect any fees from paid online events for at least the next year in order to support small and mid-sized businesses and creators.

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Campaign of The Week

As always BrewDog has knocked it out of the park with the announcement that it will be teaming up with Dogs on the Streets and All Dogs Matter, to launch a limited edition Punk IPA, called Street Dog.

Brewdog will use space on its beer cans to showcase profiles of some of the charity’s dogs on the hunt for forever homes –  a pawesome idea!

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