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In the week when TikTok made sea shanties trendy again, here’s everything else you need to know this week…

  • Business’ audiences are generally 35% larger on Instagram than Facebook (Social Bakers)
  • The average Instagram post contains 10.7 hashtags (Oberlo)
  • There are now over 1 billion daily active users on WhatsApp (Dustin Stout)

TikTok Q&A

TikTok has launched a new Q&A option which will enable users to send questions to creators to then be answered in future videos.

The option is currently only available to select creators and can be turned on or off. Once enabled, the feature will be seen in the comment section.

When tapped, users will be presented with a question composer and once submitted, questions will be sent directly to a creator. Other profile users will also be able to see the list of questions asked and like their favourite questions.

Although it’s a small addition, it’s interesting to see where TikTok is going in terms of developments with the platform and is clearly trying to keep up audience engagement!

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LinkedIn ‘Swipe Up’

LinkedIn has finally added a swipe-up option to Stories!

The feature was initially spotted in testing back in September and is currently available to select users on the platform.

The new option enables users to add a ‘see more’ prompt to their stories, which will link through to a URL available in the top corner of the stories composer. Then, similarly to Instagram Stories, users can swipe up to visit the page linked.

Unfortunately, similarly to Instagram, users have to be eligible to use the ‘Swipe Up’ option as the feature will only be available to individuals who have at least 5,000 connections or followers and LinkedIn pages.

Although the feature is limited, we’re glad to see some new additions to LinkedIn Stories and think that this will come in handy for a lot of businesses who want to implement stories as part of their LinkedIn strategy.

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Pinterest Dynamic Ad Format

This week, Pinterest has introduced a new dynamic ad creative.

The new format now enables brands to design performance-driven pins with audience-specific messaging using templates and tools from partners.

By using the format, advertisers are now able to generate multiple versions of Pins using uploaded assets and can automatically import product data such as availability, location and price.

Parts of those Pins will then dynamically display creative elements such as copy, pricing and product images all with unique messaging based on the information supplied by the advertiser.

This is a really interesting addition from Pinterest and one that we can definitely get on board with, particularly for those businesses who have multiple products in a variety of retailers.

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Taboola Stories

Taboola has become the latest platform to jump onboard the stories train, with the platform rolling out its Beta version of Taboola Stories earlier in the week.

Advertisers will have access to the stories format with the content living on the site of Taboola’s publishers rather than social networks.

Stories can be embedded into homepages and articles on mobile and will give readers access to a range of regularly updates recommendations. Once selected, the stories will then display vertically, similar to those on other social platforms.

Publishers will then serve relevant stories content based on what their visitors are reading.

This could be a really good development from Taboola, especially with stories usage on the rise, providing a great way for advertisers to present content in a more dynamic way – we’ll be keeping our eye on this one!

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Recently, we haven’t been able to go a day without a mention of the new Apple iOS 14 all over our socials.

The new update shows a discouraging prompt to users using iOS 14 to opt in to tracking. Apple’s policy will then stop certain data collection and sharing unless people opt into tracking on iOS 14 devices, however, let’s be honest we’re more likely to see users opting out rather than in.

As more people opt-out of tracking, ads personalisation and performance reporting will be limited for both app and web conversion events which will have a huge impact on businesses running ads.

Facebook has combatted this with its new resource centre which includes a range of actions that advertisers can take to prepare for this, but what do you think? Will this be the end to Facebook advertising?

In this campaign, Barilla has created a range of Spotify playlists which last for exactly the amount of time you should cook your pasta for.

The campaign is made up of eight playlists timed to correspond with the perfect cooking time for different pasta shapes including spaghetti, linguine, fusilli and penne, all of which include a range of different genres and hits from the past covered by Italian artists – Great job Barilla!

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