The Weekly (19/10 – 23/10)

In the week when Kim Kardashian celebrated her 40th Birthday, here’s everything else you need to know…

Top Social Stats:

  • 11 new people start using social media every second (Small Biz Genius)
  • 53% of the global population use social media (Data Reportal)
  • 80% of people check their smartphones within 15 minutes of waking up (wyzowl)

This Week’s Innovations:

Instagram Badges

Instagram is now introducing, badges, a new way for creators to make money through their live videos.

Badges are initially being rolled out to a group of over 500,000 creators who will be able to offer their followers the ability to purchase badges during their live videos so that fans can stand out in the comments.

Users will soon see three options to purchase a badge during live videos: badges that cost $0.99, $1.99, or $4.99. Badges will allow users to stand out in the comments of their favourite influencer’s live videos and unlock a range of special features.

Instagram COO, Justin Osofsky commented, “Creators push culture forward. Many of them dedicate their life to this, and it’s so important to us that they have easy ways to make money from their content. These are additional steps in our work to make Instagram the single best place for creators to tell their story, grow their audience, and make a living,”

As well as this, Instagram is also expanding out its IGTV ads test to more creators.

This will allow creators to earn money by including ads alongside their videos with creators keeping at least 55% of that revenue.

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Facebook Watch Topics

Facebook is adding two new discovery features to Facebook Watch.

Firstly, Facebook is adding topics in Watch, which will allow users to follow specific subjects based on hashtags within your watch stream.

As explained by Facebook, “Topics let you personalize the videos that show up in your feed so it’s tailored to what you care about. You can find and follow topics in Watch, and there are hundreds to choose from like Crafts, Comedy, Dance and Beauty.”

Facebook has also added a new highlight section to showcase the most popular videos on the platform.

Finally, Facebook is also adding highlights of popular clips on the platform: “…like ‘Most Haha’d This Week’ and ‘Most Loved This Week’ so you can see the videos that other people are engaging within Watch.”

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Snapchat Sounds

Snapchat has now rolled out Snapchat Sounds globally.

Snapchatters can now add music to their Snaps, either pre-capture or post-capture, from a curated catalogue of music from artists.

The feature first rolled out with Justin Bieber’s new song ‘Lonely’ as part of the launch.

The Featured Sounds list for Snapchat Sounds is curated and rotates to help users discover new and emerging artists, as well as established ones.

When a Snapchat user receives a Snap with Sounds, they can swipe up to see the track’s album art, title and artist, and a “Play This Song” link allows them to listen to the full song either Apple Music, Spotify or SoundCloud.

As well as this, Snapchat is also testing the ability for Snapchatters to create their own sounds and add them to Snaps, which is expected to roll this out globally in the coming months.

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LinkedIn Stories Global Rollout

LinkedIn has now rolled out its Stories feature globally.

Users will now see Stories at the top of their mobile feed where users can post Stories using either photos or videos lasting up to 20 seconds duration.

Stories will last for 24 hours before disappearing and can be formatted with test and customised stickers.

It’s been a long time coming but we’re glad to see that the feature has finally been rolled out and can’t wait to see people using them!

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Campaign of The Week

This week we’ve been loving NYX’s #DollHouseChallenge TikTok campaign!

The challenge is a brilliant way of getting people involved and interacting with the brand while also promoting the new range of NYX Halloween makeup – great job NYX!

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