The Weekly (22/06 – 26/06)

In the week when we enjoyed some glorious sun ☀️😎,  here’s everything else you need to know…

Top Social Stats:

  • We spend a lifetime average of 5 years and 3 months on social media (Search Engine Journal)
  • Customers are likely to spend 21% more if they receive good customer service via social media (Traject)
  • National newspaper brands added 6.6 million daily digital readers in the UK in the first quarter of this year (Marketing Week)

This Week’s Innovations:

TikTok for Business

TikTok has launched a new brand platform called ‘TikTok for Business’.

This will be home to all of the platform’s current and future marketing materials including TikTok ad formats, brand takeovers, in-feed videos, hashtag challenges and branded effects.

The platform is also launching a new e-learning centre to help marketers learn about TikTok and its ad offerings which will include product guides, resources and creative best practices to help launch successful campaigns.

The new brand platform aims to move TikTok from being a place where marketers can experiment and leveraging the platform to be inline with other social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

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Google Keen

Google has launched a new app called ‘Keen’.

The app is similar to Google Alerts, however, instead of sending emails about new search results, Keen uses a combination of machine learning and human collaboration to help users curate content around a topic.

To use, Keen you first have to sign in with your Google account, then enter a topic you want to research.

Keen may suggest additional topics related to your interest, you will then click on the suggestions you want to track and your Keen is created.

When you return to Keen, you’ll find a pinboard of images linked to web content that matches your interests.

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Facebook Summer of Support

Facebook has announced a new six-week series of education courses in order to provide tips, insights, information and support primarily for small businesses.

Facebook has said, “We’re bringing free, digital marketing education to businesses all over the country. So join us for six weeks of digital training classes, insightful interviews with business experts, and presentations from renowned entrepreneurs – all to help businesses get back to business.”

The course is split into the following weekly focus areas:
1) Changing the World
2) Resilience
3) Reinvention
4) Re-emergence
5) Customers & Commerce
6) Community

All of the sessions will be run online within the new Facebook Summer of Support mini-site and are completely free to access.

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Shoppable YouTube Ads

Google has released a new advertising format for YouTube that lets retailers turn their video ads into shoppable experiences.

The format has a ‘shop now’ button and can show products from a catalogue to buy instantly from a businesses website.

To use the ad format, users will need to sync their Google Merchant Center feed with their video ads.

As well as this, Google has also added ‘Video Action’ campaigns to help retailers to drive more conversions through YouTube.

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Instagram Shopping Tools

Instagram has updated its eligibility requirements for shopping tools.

This will open up its eCommerce options to more businesses and creators ahead of the broader rollout of its new ‘Shops’ option.

Instagram stated that, “Whether you are a candle business making a foray into e-commerce, a musician selling merch or a food blogger expanding into your own cookware line, any eligible business or creator account with at least one eligible product can use shopping tags to drive people to their website to make a purchase.”

The main change is that the Instagram profile will need to be linked to an owned store or website.

“With this new policy, businesses must tag products on Instagram from a single website that they own and sell from, so that people have a consistent and trusted shopping experience.”

Instagram is also updating its sign-up process to make it easier for businesses to set-up their Instagram shopping tags as well as looking to improve its notification process for the rejection of applications for Instagram shopping.

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Twitter Ads & Algorithm Updates

Twitter appears to be pushing more promoted ads into the feed.

When asked, Twitter commented, “We regularly experiment and deploy changes to our advertising experience, while aligning to our principles and standards of a high-quality experience on Twitter. We are constantly innovating and testing, and will continue to adapt as we learn.”

As well as this, Twitter has outlined a recent update to its algorithm process, which will allow it to show you more relevant trends based on your behaviour.

Twitter explained, “In the default configuration, a Twitter user’s home timeline will show the top Tweets first. The system that picks the top Tweets uses a machine learning model to predict what Tweets you will be most interested in [based on your activity]. The model learns how to make these predictions via training, however, since user interest is constantly changing, this model must be updated regularly. In a recent effort, we have successfully reduced the time to refresh this model from 7 days to about 1 day via a redesign of our data logging pipeline.”

This means that Twitter can now update its recommendations much quicker to give users a more time relevant feed.

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Campaign of The Week

With many people going back to work and school it can be a bit of a daunting time. To tackle this, The World Health Organisation has partnered up with Mr Bean to create “Mr Bean’s Essential Covid-19 Checklist” as a reminder to people about the importance of washing hands, physical distancing and demonstrating kindness to their neighbours.

A fun and brilliant way to remind people of the social distancing rules – great job! 👏

Stay safe and have a lovely weekend! 
SHC Digital 😁

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