The Weekly 23/03 – 27/03

In the week when we were all separated, but kept together through ‘House Party’, here’s a run-down of what’s been going on in the digital world…

Top Social Stats:

  • 366 million new people started using social media in the past year (Hootsuite)
  • 74% of Facebook users check it daily (Pew Research Center)
  • 80% of social media B2B leads come from LinkedIn (LinkedIn)

This Week’s Innovations:

WhatsApp Coronavirus Information Hub

WhatsApp has launched a plan to help governments, health organisations and community workers communicate truthful, helpful information to people during the current situation.

WhatsApp has currently been working with governments around the world to provide factual information to people at a scale; but plans to extend this with a hub, in partnership with the World Health Organisation, Unicef and UNDP, that will collate all materials for people to use.

The hub will be aimed at health workers, educators, community leaders, non-profits, local governments and local businesses to give them simple and actionable guidance for communicating using WhatsApp.

As well as this, the platform is also working on messaging hotlines, where people can access reliable information from the hub.

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Disappearing Messages

Instagram is taking a leaf out of Snapchat’s book and working on a chat feature that clears the thread whenever you leave it.

Instagram already has disappearing photo and video messaging which lets users choose if chat partners can ‘view once’, ‘allow replay’ or ‘keep in chat’.

Users can enter this mode by swiping up from an Instagram direct message thread which then brings them into a dark mode messaging window that starts as an empty message thread. When this window is exited, the chat will then disappear.

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Snapchat Mental Health Feature

Snapchat has released a ‘Here For You’ mental health tool.

The feature pairs users with mental health resources whenever keywords such as anxiety, depression, stress, suicidal thoughts, grief and bullying are used.

The feature was set to release in April but has been pushed for early release.

Snap commented, “We have always been inspired by the power that real friendships have in determining health and happiness. Snapchat connects close friends and family – and that’s never been more important than right now”.

Included in this will also be a range of ‘healthy tip stickers’ conveying words of advice such as ‘wash hands frequently’, ‘don’t touch your face’ and ‘cover your cough’.

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Instagram Co-Watching

Instagram is adding a new feature which aims to help users connect through video chat.

Instagram’s ‘Co-Watching’ feature enables users to scroll through your feed, search through Instagram and share content with your group while still connected via video link.

As explained by Instagram:
“To help people stay connected, we’ve launched media sharing, a new feature that allows you to view Instagram posts together with your friends over video chat. You can start a video chat by tapping the video chat icon in the Direct inbox or in an existing Direct thread, then view saved, liked and suggested photos/videos by tapping the photo icon in the bottom left corner in an ongoing video chat.”

Instagram has been developing this feature for a while and it was actually spotted in testing, last April…

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Pinterest ‘Today’

Pinterest is launching a new feature called ‘Today’, which will showcase the latest trending ideas from across the platform.

Pinterest explained, “Just click “Today” at the top of your home feed from your iOS or Android app for new ideas each day. Recommendations will include a handful of topics. We’ll start with ideas curated by the Pinterest team and in the future will also feature guest editors.”

The main ‘For You’ feed in the app will still focus on personalised recommendations, while ‘Today’ will showcase more general popular ideas, ‘based on what’s going on in the world and trending searches’.

This is also a good way to keep up to date on new ideas, based on what’s gaining traction, which could help broaden discovery.

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Campaign of The Week

Coca-Cola has hit the headlines this week with their brilliant ‘Staying Apart’ billboard in Times Square.

The campaign highlights the importance of social distancing with the beautiful line ‘Staying apart is the best way to stay united’. Similarly, McDonald’s has also taken a simple approach by separating their arches to convey the same message.

Stay safe guys!

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