The Weekly (24/08 – 28/08)

In the week when we Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom welcomed their first child, Daisy,  into the world, here’s everything else you need to know…

Top Social Stats:

  • Just over one in eight adults have joined TikTok (MarketingCharts)
  • More than 200 million Instagrammers visit at least one business profile daily (Status Brew)
  • More than 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched each day (Broadband Search)

This Week’s Innovations:

Pinterest Product Labels

Pinterest is now testing the addition of information to Product Pins.

Now ‘Popular’ and ‘Best seller’ labels are being tested on Product Pins so that users can see trending products. Updated sale prices will also be added next to the original prices on Product Pins.

As well as this, Pinterest is also testing the addition of product ratings and shipping information alongside Product Pins.

Finally, the Shopping Spotlights section has been updated with more editorial options which allow publishers to lengthen article descriptions and better organise stories into sections and product types. 

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Facebook Shop Tab Updates

Facebook has made a range of new updates to its shopping tools to provide businesses with more ways to connect with customers and sell direct on both Facebook and Instagram.

Firstly, Facebook is rolling out a new ‘Shop’ tab in Facebook which will be available in the options menu and will showcase a range of businesses that are selling products.

As well as this, Facebook has also rolled out the ability to checkout directly from Instagram in the US.

“To use checkout, businesses must have Shops and use Facebook Commerce Manager or our partners Shopify and BigCommerce. We’ll support more platform partners soon.” 

Facebook has also added some new customisation options for its Shop displays including new design layouts for products within a shop as well as a new message option to its shop displays in order to connect customers with sellers.

“Customers can view products right within the chat, making it easy to share products with friends and family to get feedback before making a purchase. We’re testing this feature on Messenger and Instagram Direct now, and will start testing it on WhatsApp soon.”

Finally, Facebook is also now testing shopping options within Facebook and Instagram Live, adding another promotional option to consider.

“With Live Shopping, we’re making it easier for people to shop in real time. We’ve been testing this feature on both Facebook and Instagram, and now Facebook Live Shopping includes new features to help businesses easily set up a live experience featuring products from their Shop and sell directly from the video. Instagram Live Shopping is now available to all businesses and creators using checkout in the US.”

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Spotify Virtual Events Feature

Spotify is developing a new virtual events feature.

The new feature will replace Spotify’s old feature of helping users find live concerts and shows. The feature will now alert fans to the artists’ upcoming ‘virtual events’.

Now within an artist’s page, a new ‘Upcoming Virtual Events’ section will appear. After tapping on the event, the users will then be shown all of the virtual events where the artists is scheduled to appear.

This feature is really key to a lot of artists with the pandemic having a significant impact on the music industry and is a great example of an easy way social networks can shift their activity to stay on top of current issues.

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Messenger Room Updates

Facebook has rolled out a range of new features for its Messenger Rooms, aimed at making the feature easier to create, discover and personalise your Rooms experience.

This comes after a slight decline in Messenger Rooms’ position in the app store chart with apps such as Zoom and Google Meet gaining more popularity.

Messenger Rooms will now display the rooms you’ve been invited to at the top of your Chats tab in your inbox to make them easier to find as well as making the ability to create a new Room more visible.

As well as this, You can now create a Room with a default, suggested, or custom activity, set a future start date, and customize your audience selection as well as a Manage Room feature which will let you view,  join, edit, or later delete the rooms you have created, or invite more people to join an existing Room.

In terms of personalisation, Rooms will now let users decorate the background of a Room with your own photos.

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Twitter Transparency Centre

Twitter will now be providing more insight into the action it has taken on rule violations, information requests, coordinated misinformation campaigns and more through an updated Transparency Centre mini-site.

Twitter explained, “In 2020, it is more important than ever that we shine a light on our own practices, including how we enforce the Twitter Rules, our ongoing work to disrupt global state-backed information operations, and the increased attempts by governments to request information about account holders. […] We have reimagined and rebuilt our biannual Twitter Transparency Report site to become a comprehensive Twitter Transparency Center. Our goal with this evolution is make our transparency reporting more easily understood and accessible to the general public.”

The new Transparency Centre provides access to more specific elements of Twitter’s Transparency report and will have sections dedicated to the various elements.

Each report will include new interactive features so that you can find the specific data you need as well as improved visualisation tools and comparison views.

This is an interesting development from Twitter this week, especially considering TikTok put out its own transparency hub last week. We’re keen to see how many more platforms will also start to develop this kind of feature.

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Snapchat Sharing

Snapchat is testing new ways to share content outside of the platform.
The social network is looking at ways to share ‘Our Stories’, ‘Publisher Stories’, ‘Snap Originals’ and ‘Shows’ content via sharable links through email, iMessage and other platforms.

When clicked, the links will bring users to the Snapchat app or to a web viewing experience available on both desktop and mobile.

A spokesperson from Snapchat said, “We’re always exploring ways to make it even easier to view Snapchat’s engaging and topical content and share it with your friends.”

It also appears that Snap is testing a rebrand of its personalised content feed as Spotlight. The feed will feature content from creators, curated Stories and premium content. Users will also be able to submit their snaps for Spotlight In the same way they currently can for ‘Our Story’.

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Campaign of The Week

This week, KFC has scrapped its famous finger-lickin’ slogan (but just for now!).
The fast-food brand has ditched its famous catchphrase in light of the current pandemic and replaced it with a campaign encouraging people to wash their hands.

We’re loving this new campaign from KFC and think it’s a great way to highlight the importance of handwashing.

Stay safe and have a great bank holiday weekend!
SHC Digital 😁

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