The Weekly (26/04 – 30/04)

In the week when Apple rolled out its dreaded iOS 14 update, here’s everything else you need to know…

  • There are over half a billion more social media users in the world today than there were this time last year (Hootsuite)
  • Over 130 million users engage with shopping posts on Instagram on a monthly basis (AdEspresso)
  • 90% of TikTok users access the app every day (Sprout Social)

Facebook Audio Tools

Facebook has announced a range of new audio tools across its apps.

This includes a new audio-only version of Messenger Rooms, where users will be able to start up audio rooms, which their connections can join (sound familiar?).

Within this, hosts will be highlighted at the top of the screen with listeners below and users will be able to make their rooms public or private and will be discoverable within a separate Rooms tab.

Facebook is also giving users the ability to monetise their Rooms through the Facebook Stars feature and turn their live conversations into podcasts for users to listen later.

Secondly, Facebook is launching a new tool called ‘Soundbites’. This will enable users to create short audio clips using a range of tools and effects.

Facebook explained the addition, saying, “Through our advances in AI, we can make audio quality magically great – even if you record on a busy street corner. You will be able to use music from Facebook’s Sound Collection in the background of your story to set the tone. And with the ability to mix audio tracks, a growing collection of sound effects, voice effects and filters, it should be a lot of fun too.”

The option will eventually enable users to post their own audio clips to Facebook, in a whole new format and will be tested over the next few months.

Finally, the platform is also launching new podcast listening and discovery tools in the app.

Facebook explained, “Within the next few months, you’ll be able to listen to podcasts directly on the Facebook app – both while using the app or when the app is backgrounded. And because it’s still hard to discover podcasts you like, we will help you easily find new podcasts and episodes based on your interests, comment on them and recommend them to your friends.”

Some interesting additions from Facebook here, all of which will be relatively easy for the platform to implement but will be effective in keeping users engaged.

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Instagram Reels Ads

Instagram is now testing ads within Reels. The tests will be rolled out initially within India, Brazil, Germany and Australia.

Carolyn Everson, vice president of the global business group at Facebook, commented on the addition saying that the introduction of ads is an “indication of how strong the momentum is for Reels”.

Reels ads can be up to 30 seconds long and users can choose to skip the ads and Facebook also announced that it will let advertisers select categories of video content they want to place ads on, such as videos about children and parenting, animals and pets or fitness and workouts.

We love a new ad placement and with Reels proving more and more popular among users think this is a great addition that could be very effective for many businesses.

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Twitter Super Follow

Twitter has showcased its initial plans for its ‘Super Follow’ and tipping options.

These will provide new ways for users to directly monetise their content by offering exclusive content for paying members.

As shown above, users may be given the option to add a tipping button to accept donations from followers as well as an additional ‘Super Follow’ button.

Twitter has also highlighted its plans for business interactions with the live test of business profiles within the app.

Business profiles will soon include business info panels, contact details, directions for stores as well as product listing options, image galleries and more.

Some interesting additions from Twitter here, all of which look to encourage both more time spent on the platform and eCommerce, which in comparison to other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter is seriously lacking in.

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TikTok Lead Gen Ads

TikTok is rolling out lead generation ads to its TikTok ads platform.

Similarly to other platforms, users will be able to fill out a form and provide their information in order to signal their interest in a particular product or service.

Leads can be downloaded manually or if integrated with a business’ CRM, can be immediately activated.

Personal information collected through Lead Generation that auto-fills will be accessible only by the advertiser and users can edit their information on the form or click to exit out of the form at any time.

Ads will be displayed as in-feed ads with updated CTAs. Once users click through they will be guided through to the form, where they will fill out their details, then to a thank-you page.

The form will be fully customisable with users able to update the background image, profile image and questionnaire.

A great addition from TikTok and one that will definitely come in useful and open up more opportunities for many advertisers.

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LinkedIn has announced that it will be launching a new Learning Hub which will provide a more comprehensive overview of potential training opportunities and career progression through the platform.

The hub is currently in beta testing but will eventually include LinkedIn’s full data projection, help to highlight relevant skills paths and career opportunities and will be focused on three key elements:

  • Personalised content recommendations – helping users and businesses identify key industry trends and opportunities to maximize growth
  • Community-based learning – help users find relevant mentors and network connections to help build career prospects
  • Skills development insights based on LinkedIn data – highlight areas of increasing interest and demand, shining a light on emerging pathways and opportunities

A great addition from Linkedin and definitely one to keep an eye out for!

Heineken is always up there with one of the best when it comes to creative campaigns and their new ad is no exception.

We love how quickly the company jumped on the trending topic around the European Super League with this simple, yet effective creative which works perfectly for the brand and for their target audience – great job Heineken!

Stay safe & have a great weekend!

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