The Weekly (29/03 – 01/04)

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend!

In the week when we were finally allowed to meet six friends outdoors and were all excited for a four day weekend 🎉, here’s everything else you need to know

  • 70% of shopping enthusiasts go to Instagram for product discovery (Instagram)
  • Facebook has more than 200 million small businesses around the world using its tools (Facebook)
  • There are around three new members joining LinkedIn per second (LinkedIn)

Instagram ‘Remix’

Instagram is working on a new ‘remix’ option for Reels.

The new addition will allow users to create reaction clips alongside an original Reels video, similar to TikTok’s duet feature.

The feature was first spotted last October and is currently being tested amongst select accounts.

Users will be able to choose whether their Reels can be available for remixing or not within their settings.

The feature is a great addition and one that has proven extremely popular on TikTok, giving users a range of different ways to get creative – we look forward to seeing what other Reels additions we have in store in the future!

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TikTok Playlists

TikTok is working on video playlists for creator and business accounts.

The feature has been released amongst a limited number of creators and can be found above your home feed, in the same place as Story Highlights within your Instagram profile.

Unlike Instagram highlights, however, playlists will be displayed as a list rather than having to swipe and tap through, making it easier for users to find specific videos.

Only public videos can be added to playlists and are currently only available to be in one playlist at a time. If the user changes a video to private, the video will automatically be removed from any playlists.

A simple but great addition from TikTok here that we’re sure to see many users making the most of.

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Instagram is now extending IGTV ads into the UK and Australia.

The option will be rolled out within the next few weeks and will see ads appearing within IGTV videos when clicked on from the feed.

Ads will last for no longer than 15 seconds and be made vertically for mobile, similar to Stories placements.

Instagram has said that it will be looking to continue to expand the feature out globally and has described the placement as ‘immersive, mobile-first and geared to reach high-intent, engaged audiences’.

A spokesperson also commented, “This update is part of our broader commitment to building a suite of tools to support creators’ various needs and ambitions, no matter who they are. IGTV is seeing real momentum, particularly over the past year, as it has been a place for creators to connect more deeply with fans. We’re excited for even more creators to be able to make money off the IGTV content they create for their fans.”

We think that this is a great addition for both advertisers and creators but are keen to see how much control advertisers have over which IGTV videos their ads can be shown in without impacting other ad placements.

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This week we’ve seen a lot of buzz around new app, Volv.

Volv has been dubbed “TikTok for news” and is essentially an app that creates short-form news content that users can swipe through.

The app includes both financial and political news with pop culture and is aimed at millennials and has been described as an antidote to traditional news apps.

Volv aims to create unbiased news in real-time and delivers news stories that are on average around 70 words that can be read in less than 90 seconds.

Stories are listed in-app in a swipe format that can be easily digested and is currently publishing around 50 stories a day which have been read nearly 8 million times

This is a really interesting new app and great for those of us who are looking to stay on top of all the latest in the world on the go.

Currently available on the App Store and Google Play.

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Looking to join the world of YouTube Shorts?

YouTube has now provided a new overview of the feature and how it works as well as answered some of the most common questions about the new addition.

Shorts is essentially YouTube’s version of TikTok, where users can make 60-second vertical videos within a camera on the app which can be posted into the Shorts feed – definitely one to check out!

We all remember the super-catchy ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ campaign a few years back which brilliantly raised awareness of train safety.

This week, the NHS are back with a new campaign using the same format for Coronavirus called, ‘Dumb Ways To Spread’.

We’re surprised that this has taken so long to get out but the campaign is brilliantly created and perfectly conveys the different ways that people commonly spread the virus- we especially love the subtle shade within the video 👀

Stay safe and have an egg-celent Easter!
SHC Digital 🐰

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