The Weekly (29/11 – 03/12)

  • 81% of Instagram users say that the platform helps them to research products and services (Instagram)
  • There are more than 2 billion searches on Pinterest every month. (Social Pilot)
  • 68% of YouTube users have watched a YouTube video to help make a purchase decision (Google)

Facebook Trend Insights

Facebook Creator Studio has added an ‘Inspiration Hub’ feature. The new tool highlights trending content and hashtags within categories related to your business Page, you can also search/filter top posts published on Instagram.

As you can see in the screenshot above, at the right side of the screen, you can see the first of the new insights, with trending hashtags and videos from the last 24 hours, posted by Pages similar to yours. 

Then, when you tap through to the new hub, you’ll have a range of additional filters to check out trending content from across Facebook, including Page category, content type, region, and more.

The new Hub also includes insights into trending hashtags, within your chosen timeframe, which may further assist in tapping into trending discussions on Facebook and Instagram.

This is a significant analytics addition that could be hugely valuable in learning what Facebook users are responding to, finding new content trends and what people within your target market are engaging with on the app to help inform your social strategy. 

Facebook is yet to announce whether this feature is still in testing or any plans it has roll out the new feature worldwide, so for now, keep your eyes peeled!

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Instagram 60-second videos in Stories

Instagram has launched a live test of 60-second videos in Stories, which will mean that longer video clips will no longer be split into 15-second segments, and played across various Stories frames.

Instagram commented: “The ability to create longer Stories posts comes highly requested by our community. We’re excited to be testing 60-second Stories so that people can create and view Stories with fewer interruptions.” 

As Instagram continues to expand its video formats, this stories development seems like a natural next step in the platform’s journey to keep people, especially younger users, engaging with the app.

At the moment the option is only currently being tested with a small group of users, with a view to provide more creative freedom, and further integrating the app’s various video options to streamline its creative tools and functions.

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Twitter Live Stream Shopping

Twitter has become the latest social media app jump on the live-stream shopping bandwagon in the hopes of maximising eCommerce activity via the immediacy and engagement of live retailer broadcasts.

Twitter commented “Live video has been transforming the way we shop for years. Earlier this year we announced our plans to better support shopping on Twitter, and today we’re excited to announce the next step in that journey: Live Shopping.”

As you can see in the example above, Twitter’s live-stream shopping feature will enable users to tune into the live broadcast, with shopping options displayed below the video feed. 

While watching a Live Shopping stream on Twitter, users can take several actions that make the shopping experience on Twitter seamless, such as:

  • Check out the Shoppable Banner and Shop Tab on the Live event’s page.
  • Toggle back and forth between the Latest Tab and the Shop Tab throughout the livestream, allowing them to be a part of the conversation as they check out products. 
  •  Continue to watch the livestream on the merchant’s website within an in-app browser, so they don’t miss a thing while making a purchase. 

Twitter has tested in-stream shopping tools before, but none of the features seemed to catch on. However, with the increase of online shopping in recent years, the rise in the popularity of live-stream shopping and the platform’s renewed focus on innovation, now is the right time for Twitter to try again. So, it will be interesting to see whether Twitter users are open to the new experience and how successful shopping in the app will be.

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TikTok Tagging option

TikTok is testing letting users tag other people in their videos. 

The new option is in addition to the existing @mention option within the post captions, meaning you would be able to keep your caption text free of mentions, and still prompt other profiles to alert them to your clip.

It wouldn’t be a huge change functionally, but it does provide a new way to boost engagement on your TikTok Videos and would also provide another, more integrated means to link to other creators and/or profiles, which could help to promote both your own and other people’s presence. 

TikTok is currently testing the option, with no plans yet for a full rollout at this stage, but definitely, one to keep an eye out for and experiment with!

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Thinking of branching out your social strategy to TikTok? With TikTok on track to reach 1.5 billion users in 2022, it’s definitely worth considering.

If you’re looking to make a start on the platform, TikTok’s new guide to help small businesses could provide some helpful pointers to get you on the right track.

The new guide covers all the basics of the app, including setting up a business profile, while it also provides a range of tips and insights to help plan an effective video strategy. The guide is aimed at brands that are just starting out in the app, but even if you’ve had some experience in creating TikTok clips, there will be some value in taking a look and considering whether any of these tips could enhance your strategy.

You can download the full guide here. 

Nike’s campaigns never fail to inspire, motivate and move, and the brand’s new campaign is no exception. 

The sportswear giant has launched a content series called ‘Nike Mind Sets’ focusing on the topic of mental health. 

As part of the campaign, have developed a platform to leverage the healing power of movement, with the focus shifting from ‘doing’ to ‘feeling’ instead. Instead of using their well known messaging to “Just Do It.” Instead, Nike is asking: “How are you feeling?”

The global project is ongoing with more content being announced soon across the brand’s apps and social media channels. Great work Nike!