The Weekly (30/03 – 03/04)

In the week when Netflix had us all hooked on its new documentary ‘Tiger King’, here’s everything else you need to know this week…

Top Social Stats:

  • The number of users watching Facebook Live has risen by 50% since January (Social Media Today)
  • 6 in 10 consumers say they are less inclined to use a product if their data is used for ‘any purpose’ (Marketing Week)
  • Time in group calls on Facebook has increased by over 1,000% during the last month (Facebook)
  • 58% of people want brands to continue advertising as normal throughout the current pandemic (Social Chain)

This Week’s Innovations:

Instagram Selfie Stickers

Instagram is testing another Stories addition; an animated selfie sticker tool that overlays graphics and effects related to different emoji characters on top of your image.

The function is available via the new ‘Selfie’ sticker option and is bound to be a popular choice once fully rolled out.

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Facebook ‘Experiments’

This week, Facebook has added a new ‘Experiments’ section to Ads Manager, which will provide a central home for all your Facebook ad tests and results, making it easier to track and measure tests and therefore improve your approach.

“Experiments combines multiple types of tests, formerly labelled as Test and Learn and Split Testing, allowing marketers to A/B test campaigns and measure conversion and brand lift in one place. With a more streamlined interface in Ads Manager, it’s easier to choose the right test for a business goal, create tests, scale what’s working, integrate insights into marketing strategies and help a business grow” explained Facebook.

Each test option includes additional explainer prompts for more context so that you can better understand what you’re testing. You’re also provided with more informational prompts within the set-up process, when you click through on a test.

Facebook has made these elements easier to access by putting all of these resources into one central location and it’s well worth exploring!

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Pinterest Merchant Updates

Pinterest has introduced a range of updates for retailers using the platform after a surge of new searches.

Updates include improvements to catalogues where Pinterest has added more software tools to quicken the process of uploading a retailer’s product catalogue and to show more engagement metrics.

The platform also updated its ‘conversion insights’ to help retailers see more information about its effect on website visits, checkouts and sales, and extended its dynamic ad re-targeting to global markets, for marketers who want to reach users based on their engagement and search history.

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Facebook Video Updates

This week, Facebook has launched a new set of video features, which are designed to help creators build audiences for their video content and increase return viewership. These include:

  • Playlists – Playlist names will now appear on related videos so users can click through to see the rest of the videos in that collection. Playlists also have a unique URL, so you can share them on or off Facebook to help maximise interest.
  • Series – An expansion of playlists, more geared up towards episodic content.
  • New Videos Tab – A new tab within Pages will put more focus on playlists and series listings by separating videos into groups.
  • Updates to Bulk Uploader – Users will now be able to upload 50 videos to one page in a single action, as well as adding new editing tools within this, which will enable users to implement edits on videos in bulk including multiple videos to series and playlists, enabling rights protection, adding in ads, auto-captions and more.

As well as this, Facebook is also adding more tools to its Live streaming option to cater to rising demand and make Live a more useful, beneficial tool for connecting with an audience.

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Snapchat Stories Integration

Snapchat has announced that developers can now integrate Snapchat Stories into their apps allowing for more immersive, engaging experiences.

The platform is hoping that by opening up its Snap Kit developer platform to more apps it can grow platform usage and increase exposure of Snap content.

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Campaign of The Week

Props to Grazia for their amazing ‘From The Frontline’ campaign; a dedicated special issue paying tribute to NHS staff serving on the frontline of the coronavirus outbreak.

The magazine features four different covers, each displaying a different member of staff, shot in hospital car parks so that photographers could obey social distancing guidelines. We absolutely LOVE that the magazine is celebrating those who are working to save lives during the current pandemic – well done Grazia 🙌

Stay safe guys! 

SHC Digital 😁

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