The Weekly (30/09 – 04/10)

This week we got the keys to our new office (hooray), got up to some very exciting stuff AND we have another brand spanking new Weekly!

Top Social Stats:

  • 55% of people search social media for Christmas shopping inspiration- more than Google Search, high-street stores and magazines (Social Chain)
  • 75% of consumers say they judge a site by its design (MDG Advertising)
  • Facebook reported its highest traffic levels occur between 1pm and 3pm (VizionOnline)

This Week’s Innovations:

More LinkedIn Ads Updates

It seems that LinkedIn is constantly updating and launching new additions to its ads platform- which we’re always pleased to see!

Firstly, LinkedIn has expanded on its audience forecasting tools within its ad creation platform, making it easier to see exactly who your campaign will reach based on your entered data.

In the old version of LinkedIn’s ad creation, you would get a general overview of the projected audience size of your ad, but you didn’t have any specific industry breakdown as listed. 

This will give you more specific insight into the audience you’ll be reaching with your campaign, which will enable you to ensure you’re getting your ads in front of who you need.

The extra insight will help to better focus your LinkedIn ad campaigns onto the people you most want to connect with and target ad messaging more specifically.

Finally, LinkedIn is also improving its demographic reporting options, providing more specific insight into who exactly is responding to your campaigns which will help to better understand campaign performance and refine based on the results.

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Self-destructing Messages?!

WhatsApp is developing a new feature that would allow you to set your messages to self-destruct after a set period of time.

The feature has previously been used on the messaging app Telegram with WhatsApp’s implementation of the feature looking a lot more basic, however, is currently in its early stages of development and only lets you set messages to delete after either five seconds or an hour and appears to only be available in group chats.

This feature could be useful to anyone who needs to send a sensitive piece of information that they don’t want to be permanently available.

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Direct to Messenger Ads

Facebook has introduced a new option for Stories ads that direct users to swipe up to Messenger.

The new option is available for Stories ads on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, adding that once users swipe up, a conversation with the business is opened in the messenger app.

The move makes sense with 500 million people sharing stories across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger and WhatsApp Status every day, and over 40 million businesses active on messenger.

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Reminder Stickers

Instagram has been slowly adding in new features and options, which encourage shopping in-app.

This week Instagram has continued along that line with the launch of a beta test of a new product launch sticker in Instagram Stories, and a product launch tag option in the main feed.

The two options will enable users to set reminders for the item launch date, preview the product details in-stream and then made a purchase as soon as the product becomes available -all without leaving the app.

Brands will be able to add a sticker noting the date of the product launch, which users can then tap on to set a reminder, a push notification will then be sent to their phone letting them know when the product is released

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