The Weekly (02/09 – 06/09)

Welcome to another weekly, this week we’ve seen a lot of new developments and insights! So without further ado, here we go….

Top Social Stats:

  • Instagram gets 4.2 billion likes per day (Sprout Social)
  • 65% of UK consumers say that diversity in advertising is important to them (Adobe)
  • Instagram is ahead of Facebook with a median engagement rate of 1.60% per post for brands (Kenshoo)
  • For the first time ever, it has been shown that environmental concern for the planet and sustaining personal well-being can drive brand value and growth across multiple categories (brandZ)

This Week’s News:

Learning With LinkedIn ? 

LinkedIn has launched a new course, available on their learning platform; designed to educate people on how to make best use of the platform for brand-building and marketing, covering all aspects of LinkedIn’s on-platform tools titled ‘Marketing on LinkedIn: The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide’. Elements in the new course include:

  • Building your LinkedIn Presence – including notes on how to optimise your LinkedIn profile, publish relevant content, engage within LinkedIn Groups and build your on-platform community.
  • Using LinkedIn’s Ad Tools – an overview of LinkedIn’s products, including advice and guidance on how to create LinkedIn ad campaigns for varying objectives
  • Ad Targeting in Detail – notes on how to utilise LinkedIn’s more advanced audience targeting and data analytics to maximise ad performance.
  • Maximising Measurement – an in-depth look at how to measure the bottom-line impact of your LinkedIn efforts, including notes on how to use Campaign Manager and Conversion Tracking

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Rising Pin Trends ?

Pinterest has released it’s latest listing of rising Pin trends! Each month, Pinterest’s team highlights topics and trends that are gaining significant momentum across the platform, revealing key areas of interest among the plaform’s 300 million users, which include:

  • Short nails (up 46% YoY)
  • Blunt bob haircuts (up 121% YoY)
  • Smoker cooking (up 638% YoY)
  • Canned cocktails (up 92% YoY)
  • Mandarin orange colour (up 110% YoY)
  • Tangerine aesthetic (up 88% YoY)
  • Long pleated skirts (up 45% YoY)
  • Travel videos (up 420% YoY)
  • Natural wine (up 57% YoY)

These searches are great for us to see, not just for Pinterest, but as we can see whats trending to plan content around what we know people are searching- it’s a great way to surface unexpected product listings.

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How Social Media & SEO Work Together ?

Recently, Social Media Today held a live Twitter chat for users to learn more about how social media and SEO work together and answer our burning questions! Here’s our key picks from the chat:

Q) What are the main factors you notice are impacting your company’s ranking on Google?
A) Put simply:
     1. Whether or not people trust your site enough to cite and link back to your content 
     2. Whether or not your content is optimized for users, matches users searches and is generally user-friendly

Q) What critical SEO tactics do you use in your digital marketing strategy day-to-day?
A) Create content that matches search terms so that you appear for people asking questions- use questions as sub-headers whenever possible.
Create linkable assets to accompany at least 20% of your content. These assets will become your earned-media citation magnets- use social promotion to customer audiences to get your linkable-assets in front of the right people, then follow with 1:1 emails.

Q) In general, how can social media improve your SEO?
A) The indirectly influence one another. They work together which is why search engines are becoming more social and social networks are turning into mini search engines.

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Are Facebook now Hiding Likes? ?

Facebook could soon start hiding the like counter on News Feed posts to protect users from envy and dissuade them from self-censorship. As mentioned previously in The Weekly, Instagram has already announced that they’re testing this in 7 different countries.

The idea is to prevent users from destructively comparing themselves to others and possibly feeling inadequate if their posts don’t get as many likes. Facebook has gradually become the place for sharing showy events such as engagements and new jobs, while Instagram and Snapchat take over for day-to-day sharing; the issue is that people have so many fewer big moments and the large like counts they get can make other users self-conscious of their own lives and content.

When approached about the move, Facebook confirmed that it’s considering testing removal of ‘like’ counts and declined to share results from the Instagram like hiding tests, but the move indicates positive results.

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