The Weekly (05/08 – 09/08)

Happy Friday! We’re back with another weekly, this week we’ve seen that Facebook have been very busy with some new developments and come with some exciting new content from Twitter- so sit back, grab a cuppa and get the rundown on everything we love this week!

Top Social Stats:

  • 70% of young people would stop buying from brands that act unethically on issues they care about (Social Chain)
  • People are now spending an average of 2 hours 23 minutes a day on social media (Social Media Today)
  • 81% of Instagram users use Instagram to research products or services (Marin)
  • Dog videos have received 17.9bn video views in 2019 so far, while car videos only have 8.9bn (Social Chain)

This week’s news:

Facebook’s Messaging re-brand ?

Facebook is planning on rebranding both Instagram and WhatsApp to say that they’re “From Facebook”. Last Friday, a spokeswoman from Facebook said that the platform “want to be clearer about the products and services that are part of Facebook”. The change is currently rolling out slowly and more and more users will start to see the rebranding, which will appear on Instagram and WhatsApp’s login screens as well as  in App Store descriptions. This comes with future plans for users of Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages and WhatsApp to be able to send messages to each other without having to switch apps. We’re keen to see how this will impact the social platforms and their current reputations – especially with the recent backlash and negative press Facebook always seem to be getting!

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A new way to schedule for Instagram ?

Hurrah! Instagram and IGTV publishing is now available through Facebook’s Creator Studio app!The new Instagram Scheduling option has been rolling out to users over the past month and looks to have been expanded more broadly this week. If you want to schedule your Instagram posts, you will need to have an Instagram business account linked to your creator studio dashboard. Once you do, you can head to that profile and select ‘create post’ which will enable you to choose whether you want to post to you Instagram Feed or IGTV.

The new feature will work similarly to how you would post to Facebook natively, so that you can see exactly what your Instagram posts will look like before scheduling them. Currently, users can’t schedule Instagram Stories – but we’re hoping that its just a matter of time before this feature is added too!

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#BrandsTalkTwitter ?

Last month, Twitter launched a new marketing insights series called #BrandsTalkTwitter, in which its aiming to interview some of the best performing brands via tweet to get a better understanding of how they maximise their on-platform results. The series kicked off with an interview with Paddy Power followed by KFC, which provided some interesting insights into their Twitter strategy; which is currently split by around 75% planned content and 25% tactical- though the brand is working to bring that split closer to 50/50 with the help of it’s in-house creative team. Here at SHC, we love this new inventive way of using the platform and are keen to see what other insights we can gather from the brand interviews!

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Facebook Slide Share ?

Facebook has introduced a new Stories option, which will enable users to add a still image slideshow to their story. The new option provides a simplified way to add a stream of images, which will play out through your Story frames like a video. Early last year Mark Zuckerburg noted that “We expect Stories are on track to overtake posts in Feed as the most common way that people share across all social apps”, the move is to promote key audience groups such as their older users to get onto the Stories train-  which with less than a third of their audience using the feature daily seems to have not even left the station! 

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Have a great weekend!

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