The Weekly (26/08 – 30/08)

So here we are with another weekly roundup and a pretty good one at that! This week we’ve seen a lot of new updates and some that we’re quite excited about!

Top Social Stats:

  • 67% of people have made a purchase after seeing an advertisement on social media (The Manifest)
  • There are only 25 countries in the world where WhatsApp isn’t the market leader (MessengerPeople)
  • 94% of people interact with the brands they follow (The Manifest)
  • 71% of internet users recognise the importance of advertising as part of a free internet (Eyeo)

This Week’s News:

Threads ?

Facebook is currently developing a new messaging app called Threads, which will be an extension of the Close Friends feature Instagram added to Stories last year. The core of Threads appears to be messaging and looks very similar to Instagram’s existing direct messaging feature. The app invites users to share their location, speed and battery life with friends, along with more typical text, photo and video messages using Instagram’s creative tool and is designed for sharing with your ‘close friends’ list on Instagram.

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Badges of Encouragement ?

Late last year, Facebook rolled out it’s group badges- little images and notes that appear alongside group member names within the comments section of group posts. The idea is to encourage engagement as well as add a sense of belonging to that community and is clearly showing results because, in addition to the group badges, Facebook has also slowly been adding badges into page interactions and expanding the signifiers available in order to highlight more prolific and engaged page fans.They have now added the following badges:

  • Top Fan
  • Anniversary Follower
  • Follower
  • Milestone Follower

Back in June, Facebook launched a new Page post targeting option for Top Fans, giving admins a more specific way to connect with their most devoted audience members. The option is only available for Facebook pages with more than 10k followers, but it provides another way to boost engagement and reach by focusing on specific, interested users, as opposed to sharing with everyone.

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Are Snapchat feeling the pressure? ?

Snap has now announced a new update for it’s Lens Studio AR creation platform to make it easier for creators to build their own AR filters as well a provide new tools to expand their lens functionality.  Within the first year of enabling users to build their own AR effects, more than 250,000 lenses were created, which were collectively viewed more than 15 billion times. A couple of weeks ago we mentioned that Facebook were also jumping on the bandwagon and launching their own customisabile AR filters for Instagram Stories, so it makes sense for Snap to expand its capacity even further in front of this to stay ahead.The improvements include a new interactive tour element to guide users through each step of the process to create their own lens with new prompts to lead users through each element. In addition to simplifying the Lens creation process, Snap has also added 6 new AR templates and 14 new Landmarker locations for AR creators to experiment with.

The new tools which users can now build their Lenses with are:

  • Face In Video – track your face onto a video
  • Portrait Particles – Jazz things up with customized particles that segment behind the user’s head – decorate with headers, footers, and post-effects. Perfect for your next party
  • Countdown – Create Lenses that count down to specific dates and add celebratory 3D hats and glasses
  • Skeletal – Track 2D images to heads, necks, shoulders, elbows, and hands to create sweet joint collabs
  • Hair Colours – Modify your hair colour with fresh styles and tones from root to tip.  
  • Make-up – Put your face on the easy way with AR lip gloss, blush, eyeshadow and more.

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Podcasting made easier ?

Spotify is testing a new way to make it easier for users to record a podcast. With the number of regular podcast listeners dramatically increasing and having almost doubled in the UK in the past five years (OfCom), as well as Spotify’s recent acquisition of podcast creation ‘Anchor’, the move is one that I think we will see many people using. Spotify is testing a button on its mobile app’s podcast library labelled ‘Create Podcast’ which directs users to ‘Make a podcast with Anchor’. There are no further updates on the development at the moment but we’re very excited to see how this pans out!

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Sharing is caring ?

Facebook is testing a new messenger video option which would enable you to share your phone screen in a Messenger chat, allowing you to share in-app experiences, videos etc. The function will enable viewing of video content from beyond Facebook to any video type you can access on your phone, giving users a range of different uses for the functionality, whether sharing your latest holiday pics to creating your own mini cinema with a group of friends, running real-time walkthroughs on-screen and a range of photos of videos from your phone to discuss documents for work-related chat. Whatever the use, we think that this development is going to be BIG!

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Have a great weekend!

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