The Weekly (18/11 – 22/11)

In the week when Kylie Jenner made $600,000,000 by selling half of Kylie Cosmetics, here’s everything else you need to know…

Top Social Stats:

  • The average price of a sponsored post on Instagram has risen from $134 in 2014, to $1,642 in 2019 (Izea)
  • 7 to 9 million of Snapchat’s most recently added users came to the platform because of its AR filters (Snap Inc)
  • 1 in 4 customers made a purchase after seeing a story on Instagram (Animoto)

This Week’s Innovations:

WT:Social ?

Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales, has developed a new social network called WT:Social, which now has more than 160,000 members.

It’s positioning itself as a ‘news focused’ place, and says that members will be able to edit ‘misleading’ headlines, which will be shown in a timeline format.

Users who sign up are added to a waiting list and asked to invite others, or choose a subscription payment. The subscription is £10 per month and £80 per year.

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Facebook Memes ?

Facebook has quietly released a new meme-making app called Whale. The app is currently only available on the Canadian App Store, where its listing says it can be used to edit your own photos or images from a library of stock photos. You can then share your creations on social media platforms such as Instagram and Messenger.

Whale has been developed by Facebook’s New Products Experimentation team, which was set up earlier this year to develop new experimental apps for the social media giant intended to help the company discover new features and services that people like.

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New IGTV Layout ?

Instagram is working on a new format for IGTV content which would switch your main feed into a vertical scrolling list, leading you through the next video in-stream, seemingly more aligned with the vertical scrolling on TikTok.

Instagram is also looking to add categories into your IGTV discovery listings.
Splitting the videos into categories could be a better way to get users more engaged with new content, rather than seeing a generic listing of top content. This will guide users to content they’re more interested in.

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Facebook Ad Personalisation ✍️

Facebook is bringing more machine learning driven capabilities to its ad platform to improve personalisation. Advertisers will now be able to automatically serve different ad formats to audiences based on the machine learning model’s prediction of a user’s format preference. This can be accessed through the Facebook Dynamic Ad unit.

Facebook machine learning blends data from its platform with target audience insights in order to predict which people might be most receptive to a brand’s message.

We previously mentioned that Facebook will now serve users different text variations based on their preferences. Advertisers can now add different languages which can be auto-translated for international audiences.

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Snapchat’s Ad Extension ?

Snapchat has announced the launch of a new video ad format called extended play commercials. This maintains the six-second non-skippable format but offers advertisers the ability to extend the runtime to up to three minutes.

Similarly to YouTube, users will have the option to either skip the ad after six seconds or continue to watch the full video ad. The difference is that they will appear mid-roll, rather than pre-roll like YouTube.

The option provides advertisers with more options and flexibility around the types of content served through the platform.

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Video Marketing for Christmas ?

Animoto has released their 2019 Holiday Video Marketing Trends report, which takes a closer look at how brands are using video to draw in consumers and drive purchases

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