What makes killer brand content?

Here at SHC Digital we combine killer creative with well-targeted digital media to reach audiences when and where they are most active, driving proven results. Creating killer content is something we are passionate about. Brands need to start thinking more like publishers when it comes to content and serve their fans what they want, when they want it. A recent study showed that 86% of consumers prefer more authentic and honest brand personality so here are our top tips to create killer content whilst staying true to your brand.

  1. Create your assets for a range of platforms and placements 

In order to maximise your content you need to create your assets to be suitable for multiple placements, platforms and ad types. Take Facebook for example - ad placements include feed, stories, audience network and messenger. All of these different placements give you the opportunity to reach your audience at the right time and the right place. We would always recommend having as many placements as you can turned on in order for Facebook to optimise your content and budget to perform at it’s best. 

When planning your ads, it’s worth considering the objective of the campaign and ensuring your assets are created in the right size/style for the best ad type for your objective.


  1. Test new formats

When a new format comes along, don’t be afraid, jump in and test it out! You’ll often find that when a platform releases a new function it will give extra reach to those you are starting to use it as it’s in their best interest to get it off the ground. 

When Instagram launched IGTV, it gave IGTV content 4 times the amount of space in the explore tab as a regular post - this is a brilliant way to increase your reach and brand exposure.


  1. Embrace video content

The stats around video content are staggering. We already know that Social media posts with video have 48% more views and that Social video gets shared 1200% more than text and images combined so it’s a no brainer that brands everywhere are upping their video game. Video content is a really powerful way for you to create engaging, eye catching content that speaks to your audience. It’s also a brilliant way for you to get a return on your ad spend - Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. To find out how to nail your video content, read our blog post here. 


  1. Get on brand

When a viewer sees your content, they should immediately know that this is coming from you. Make sure your content is using your brand colours, that your logo appears within the first second and that the content is consistent to your tone of voice. Not only will this drive a higher brand recall but it will also drive customer interest. Once a fan recognises your branding they are more likely to interact with the ad and convert. If you’ve got your content right this interaction turns to trust which turns to desire and brand loyalty. Don’t just take our word for it, a recent survey showed that consistent branding across all channels increases revenue by 23%.

  1. Create platform specific content

It’s really important to ensure you are creating content tailored to each social media platform. Gone are the days where you would create one piece of content and share it on every single channel you use. You will probably find that your audiences are very different on each platform, therefore it is so important that you create channel specific content.

If for example, your audience on Facebook is older than your audience on Instagram it would be pointless to serve them with a piece of content that was created with a younger audience in mind. The same concept applies for times of day. You may find your Facebook audience are early risers but your Instagram audience are night owls. You would be doing your brand a disservice to try and communicate the same message to these two very different audiences.


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